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14 Montreal Guinness World Records You Should Know About

Montrealers are always extremely proud of their city, sometimes to a fault, but when it comes to being better than other major metropolises, we excel in quite a few areas. And as it turns out, we've even earned ourselves a few Guinness World Records for it. While sure, some of them are a little silly, it's still nice to be reminded once in a while that we've got quite a few good things going for us.

Here's the full list of all Guinness World Records held by Montreal:

  1. Tallest manmade leaning tower (the Olympic stadium)
  2. Oldest Boxing Coach (Montrealer Abraham Pervin who's been a boxing coach and trainer since 1935)
  3. Most goals scored by a National Hockey League In A Single Match (16 goals by the Montreal Canadiens)
  4. Most Insects Tattooed On The Body (Montrealer Rick Genest with 176 insects)
  5. Most Bones Tattooed On The Body (Rick Genest again, with 139 bone tattoos)
  6. Largest Parade of Electric Cars (241 cars, on April 18 2015)
  7. World's Largest Jazz Festival
  8. Largest Cut Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone
  9. First Perfect 10 Awarded At An Olympic Games Gymnastic Event
  10. Fastest Short Track Speed Skating Time (Montrealer Charles Hamelin in 2009 with a time of 1.23.454)
  11. Fewest Losses In A Single NHL Season (The Montreal Canadiens with 8 losses during a season of 70 games, in 1976/77)
  12. The Longest Line Of Food Cans (44,966 cans, spanning 3.28km)
  13. First Team In The NHL To Score 18,000 Goals
  14. First NHL Team To Win 3,000 Regular Season Games

For more info check out the Guinness World Record's official website here.

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