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14 Montreal Spots That Are Perfect For A Memorable Holiday Brunch

Treat yourself, it's the holidays.
14 Montreal Spots That Are Perfect For A Memorable Holiday Brunch

A weekend is never quite complete without brunch. Whether you're eating it at home in bed or splurging on mimosas, a tasty brunch is an essential ingredient to a successful weekend. Montreal has a lot more to offer than your typical diner-style greasy spoon brunches, though.

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TL;DR Below at 14 popular Montreal restaurants that offer elevated classic brunch dishes, perfect for a holiday brunch with friends or family!

Although $2 greasy eggs and bacon is great, this city is filled with renowned restaurants that offer unique and elevated brunch and breakfast experiences. Each spot boasts their very own spin on the standard eggs and potato formula.

That said, if you're looking for that perfect "treat yourself" holiday brunch spot that offers more than just line-cooked eggs and potatoes, look no further than the list below.

1. Treat yourself to a refined yet filling classic brunch at Regine Cafe

Where: 1840 Rue Beaubien E // Rosemont

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2. Treat yourself to classic brunch dishes with a gastronomique French twist at Foiegwa

Where: 3001 Rue Notre-Dame O // St-Henri

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3. Treat yourself to a mix-and-match of refined assortments of classic brunch items at Larry's

Where: 9 Fairmount Ave E // Mile-End

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4. Treat yourself to an elevated vegan brunch at LOV

Where: 464 McGill St + 1232 Rue de la Montagne // Old Port + Downtown

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5. Treat yourself to a refined and fresh modern brunch creation at Le Butterblume

Where: 5836 St Laurent Blvd // Mile-End

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6. Treat yourself to a classic "gastropub" brunch at Maison Publique

Where: 4720 Rue Marquette // Plateau

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7. Treat yourself to classic brunch favourites with an elevated twist at Hopkins 

Where: 5626 Monkland Ave // NDG

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8. Treat yourself to contemporary brunch creations at Hoogan et Beaufort 

Where: 4095 Rue Molson // Downtown

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9. Treat yourself to a unique experience with an East-Asian breakfast at Jiep Jiep

Where: 149 Rue Jean-Talon // Rosemont

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10. Treat yourself to refined brunch classics at Comptoire Rhubarbe

Where: 5091 Lanaudiere St // Pleateau East

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11. Treat yourself to hearty gastronomique brunch at Restaurant Miel

Where: 2194 Centre St // Pointe-Saint-Charles

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12. Treat yourself to your favourite brunch classics with an elevated twist at Perles Et Paddock 

Where: 403 Rue des Seigneurs // Griffintown

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13. Treat yourself to a seriously hearty French bistro-style brunch at Les Affamés

Where: 4137 St Catherine St E //Rosemont

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14. Treat yourself to a modern weekend brunch at Le Blumenthal 

Where: 305 Saint-Catherine St W // downtown

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