14 Montreal "Travel Bloggers" On Instagram That Are Literally Living The Life You Want

Do you ever just scroll through your featured news feed and see the same people exploring the world all the time with AMAZING pictures? When you click on their profile, you expect them to be famous and from California, but the truth is that they are from Montreal and have given up everything to become famous Instagram travel bloggers. 

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These Montrealers are officially living the life we all wish we had! I always wanted to just get up and drop everything to travel the work and this is what they have done! They travel, explore, model, take photographs, experience new food and cultures, and basically have all the perks of being famous minus the constant harassment by fans and all the money. Theses travel bloggers are either from Montreal or live in Montreal now as they continue their life as adventurers. They are truly living the social media dream and they are right here in Montreal! The real question is, what;s their secret to their success?

9. @v.bandit Is Living The Life

via @v.bandit

via @v.bandit