14 Places In Montreal With Nicknames That Only True Montrealers Would Know About

If you're in this city, you just might recognize these spots.

Honestly, Montreal is a pretty straightforward city. Our boroughs are clearly named and organized; our businesses and points of interest are, too. Pretty much, what you see (an awesome city) is what you get (an awesome city).

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But there are a few nicknames that Montreal has developed over the years for some of our spots. Here are but a few of the many.

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1. The Big O

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A skating spot in Montreal's East End.

2. The Main

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Montreal's St. Laurent Boulevard is nicknamed The Main, because it's pretty much one of the biggest arteries in the whole city.

3. The Lookout

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The Lookout on Mount Royal, from which you can see the entire city, is actually called the Kondiaronk Belvedere.

4. The Julep

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AKA, the Orange Julep, one of Montreal's most famous eateries.

5. The Mountain

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Montreal's Mount Royal, but mainly the upper parts.

6. Bellepro

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A shortened version of Montreal chain fast-food restaurant, Belle Province.

7. The Village

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Montreal's Gay Village, situated in the Ville-Marie borough of the city.

8. HoMa

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The Hocholaga-Maisonneuve borough of Montreal.

9. Second Chinatown

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The area near Concordia University that kind of developed into a slightly more legit Montreal Chinatown.

10. 55th Avenue

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A fancy way to call Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps in Dorval, where you can watch the nearby planes taking off and landing.

11. Apartment

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An abbreviation for Montreal's Apartment 200, a bar on Boulevard St. Laurent.

12. $2 Chow

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This spot is situated on Boulevard St. Laurent (AKA The Main), too. Their specialty is opening up super late and serving $2 peanut butter noodles. The real name of this spot just might remain a mystery.

14. The Dep

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A blanket term for every depanneur (AKA corner/convenience store) in the city.

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