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14 Ratchet Things Everyone Was Once Guilty Of Doing In Montreal

Not going to lie to you, guys, I was once ratchet AF. I still am, even. Whatever. No shame.

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Of course, there's nothing wrong with being a little bit ratchet. Or a whole lot ratchet. Or not ratchet at all. The point is, if you see yourself in any of these points, as I see myself in most of them, then at the very least we can all have a good laugh at ourselves.

1. We all bought those sketchy off-brand purses/shirts from the vendors inside the metros.

Whatever, they're nice, cheap, and no one can tell the difference, anyway.

2. We all threw up on the corner of St. Laurent and Prince Arthur after a night of going too hard at the clubs.

Or... just me? Okay. Cool. Just me.

3. We all had those 3 metre long fake nails.

Bonus points if they were french tips with the hot pink leopard print glitter design that you got from one of the nail salons in the Eaton Centre. (Which I'm still rocking to this day, not going to lie).

4. We all busted out the Canada Goose jackets at the end of September.

Is that a breeze I feel? *Whips the Canada Goose out from storage and wears it every day until next May*

5. We all had those fake, plastic clip-on hair extensions that flew out of our heads when the wind blew.

And you probably bought them at Ardene, too. (Hair extensions are still my bae, but I'm pretty sure we've all collectively moved on to real hair).

6. We've all gone to Peel Pub for dollar shots and deeply regretted that decision.

Not because Peel Pub isn't the greatest - because it is - but because we've all ended up on the corner of Peel throwing up like 7 $1 shots.

7. We've all attempted to make it to Mount Royal on 4/20, given up, and smoked wherever we were.

No shame.

8. We've all gotten our heels/shoes caught in the cobblestones in Old Montreal and wiped TF out while tipsy.

Nothing says, "no, seriously, I'm fine!" like a twisted ankle.

9. We all rocked the high-top Converse shoes and tight fitting Adidas pants combo, and we probably bought them at Sports Experts.

Also, drawing on our Converse sneakers was the shit, for some reason?

10. We've all ended up at La Banquise for 4 AM poutine after a night of debauchery.

Admittedly, this one isn't all that ratchet, unless you're too wasted to shovel poutine into your mouth and end up having to get fed by your friends. (Still just me? Oh. Cool.)

11. We've all worn our winter-wrecked UGGs out in public for far longer than what's appropriate.

Whatever, it's still like putting your foot into a cloud, guys.

12. We've all ridden the mechanical bull at Chez Serge.

No class... and no fucks given.

13. We've all gotten secretly tipsy at the park in front of Mount Royal.

No judgements, friend.

14. We all copped that Jersey Shore GTL/Ed Hardy look.

And wore the whole ensemble to Light UltraClub (RIP) without any shame. (Also, 2009 Snooki is literally me forever so no worries).

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