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14 Spectacular Gardens In Quebec You Have To Visit As Soon As It’s Nice Out

Escape into a flowery oasis.
14 Spectacular Gardens In Quebec You Have To Visit As Soon As It’s Nice Out

Considering the long and cold months in Quebec, it may not be the first place people think of when it comes to visit-worthy gardens. But our province has a few of the oldest and most renowned parks and gardens in North America. And with the weather hopefully beginning to turn, it's not too early to start planning which gardens in Quebec you can talk a peaceful walk too.

Montreal itself has one of the most world-renowned gardens, greenhouses, and sustainable landscapes in the world at the Montreal Botanical Gardens. Or for those who want to take a leisurely stroll, there is always Mount Royal and Parc Jean Drapeau, to name a few. 

But if you want something out of the ordinary, or just out of the city, Quebec has some amazing public and private gardens to visit, one of which has even been dubbed the "Central Park of Quebec City."

With the province's diverse cultural influences there is everything from historical New France influences to Japanese Zen gardens. But most importantly, they are all great spots to stop, breathe, and take in the moment.  

Many of the gardens listed are open from late spring to October, but it's best to check as each garden has different opening times depending on the area. 

Keep reading to learn more about 14 of the best gardens in Quebec that you should try to visit once in your life. 

Domaine de Maizerets

Where: 2000, blvd. Montmorency, Québec

Entry Fee: Free

Let's start out big with this garden in the middle of Quebec City. It's the only spot on the list that can boast a labyrinth alongside the woods, gardens and historic area.

Find out more about the labyrinth!

Jardins de Quatre-Vents

Where: 135, blvd. Malcolm-Fraser, La Malbaie

Entry Fee: $45

Access to these spectacular gardens are limited, so it's best to reserve your spot soon. These gardens are considered by many to be the best private gardens of our time. It's like stepping back in time and wondering through a storybook.

For more info!

Jardin Universitaire Roger-Van den Hende

Where: 2480, blvd. Hochelaga, Québec City

Entry Fee: Free. But a $2 donation is suggested

You can visit this "oasis of calm" all year round but to appreciate the vibrant colours of over 4,000 plants, you may want to wait until the warmer months.

Take a look at all the activities you can take part in!

Jardins Du Domaine Howard

Where: 1350, blvd. de Portland, Sherbrooke

Entry Fee: Free

Along with historic buildings, you will also find quaint walking trails lined with lush vegetations and a pond that becomes a skating rink in the winter.

Check it out!

Jardins de Metis

Where: 200, route 132, Price

Entry Fee: $22

The Michelin guide to Canada calls this English style garden "among the most beautiful in the world." Surrounded by water on three sides helps keep it cool and helps give it a maritime feel.

Take a look!

Mount Royal Cemetary Garden 

Where: Camillien-Houde Parkway, de la Foret Road, Montreal

Entry Fee: Free

You don't even have to leave the city to enjoy one of the oldest rural garden cemeteries in North America. The topography is astounding with crab apple trees, Japanese lilacs, and the natural woodlands.

Take a further look!

Jardins Michel Corbeil Gardens

Where: 961, blvd. Arthur-Sauvé, Saint-Eustache

Entry Fee: $8

This little, hidden paradise is a horticulturist's dream come true. Not only can you wander the grounds and lose yourself in the gardens and ponds, but you can also buy some of your favourite plants.

Learn more about this garden and nursery!

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Seigneurie île d'Orléans

Where: 3658, Chemin Royal, Saint-François-de-l'Île-d'Orléans

Entry Fee: Free for the lavender gardens; $20 for access to all gardens

This is where you go when you want a breathtaking garden experience. It has one of the largest lavender plantations in Quebec, with a five senses garden, fruit garden, shade garden, and a meditative Zen garden.

Learn more about this one of a kind spot!

Les Jardins du Grand-Portage

Where: 800 Chemin du Portage, Saint-Didace

Entry Fee: $15

What doesn't this garden have? There is a Zen and knot garden, overflowing flowerbeds, and it also specializes in organic vegetables, herbs, and fruits, which you are free to buy.

For more info!

Jardin Scullion

Where: 1985, 7e rang E., L'Ascension-de-Notre-Seigneur

Entry Fee: $26

Scullion Gardens may have the most unusual landscaping on this list. Located in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, not only can it boast over 2,000 plant species from around the world but it is also home to a mini-farm, and many species of birds and reptiles.

Take an in-depth look!

Jardins De Doris 

Where: 645 Avenue Henri Dunant, Matane

Entry Fee: $13

This is the perfect spot to get away from it all and enjoy a little peace and serenity of the beautifully manicured gardens. There is also a butterfly enclosure, giant chess set, sundials, and even the three little pigs' houses.

Learn more about these gardens!

Lotbinière Garden

Where: 7015, route de Pointe-Platon, C. P. 1000, Sainte-Croix

Entry Fee: Starts at $11

Not only can you spend a few hours enjoying the half English and half French estate grounds, but you can also take a tour of the original manor.

For more info!


Where: 1031, ch. de la Traverse, Saint-Raymond

Entry Fee: $8.95

This spot, about 35 minutes from Québec City, has 60 themed gardens, a 2 km nature path, bronze sculptures and overflowing flowerbeds of unique vegetation.

Take a look at the website!

Maison & Jardins Chenier

Where: 83, rue Chénier, Saint-Eustache

Entry Fee: Free

These historic grounds have been lived in by members of parliament and a former premier. There are still plants that have survived since the 1800s and are now owned by a garden aficionado who maintains the grounds to impeccable standards that attract photographers from around the world.

Read more about the history!

Now the countdown until the warmer months begins.

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