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14 Spots In Montreal Where You Can Catch 'Em All On Pokémon GO

'I'm gonna be the very best, like no one ever was.'
14 Spots In Montreal Where You Can Catch 'Em All On Pokémon GO

Incase you somehow haven't heard about Pokémon GO (which is almost impossible because it's been all over everyone's newsfeeds) it's the new app that will let you become the world's greatest Pokémon real life! That's right, Nintendo has created an app that will use GPS location services to track digital Pokémon and alert you when there's one is near you so that you can go out and catch it. This is possibly one of the greatest inventions of all time.

Now, the only thing you'll have to worry about is where to find these Pokémon, and since the game doesn't come out until 2016, we went ahead and predicted where you'll be able to find Pokémon in Montreal.

1. Bulbasaur At The Botanical Gardens

Everyone's favourite adorable grass Pokemon will most likely be found where it feels most comfortable - surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of plants. We bet if you make your way over there you'll be able to find yourself this amazing starter Pokemon, that will one day evolve into a beautiful Ivysaur.

2. Diglett At All The Contruction Sites

By this logic there will be no shortage of Digletts in Montreal. With construction on pretty much every corner they won't be hard to find.

3. Gastly At Club 1234

Club 1234 is known for all of the ghost stories that come out of there. Some people, even to this day, claim they see the ghost of a woman walking around, or a ball of light passing through the rooms. Well that ball of light may very well be a gastly speeding by, just waiting to be caught.

Photo Cred - PokemonWikia

4. Lapras In Old Port

Old Port is the perfect place for a water Pokemon that can chauffeur you around. Keep your phone at the ready the next time you're down there - there may just be a Lapras bobbing along in the water.

5. Snorlax On Concordia Campus

With all of the sleep-deprived students walking around, Snorlax will fit right in on pretty much any campus. We can see it now: Snorlax passed out in class, Snorlax passed out on the lawn.... Oh man, we can't wait.

6. Cubone At Redpath museum

Redpath houses some pretty awesome dinosaur bones and fossils, so we're sure Cubone would feel right at home there. You'll be able to find him hiding somewhere between the Triceratops and T-Rex heads.

7. Persian In Westmount

Persian is a classy cat - he is Giovanni's primary Pokemon after all - so we're sure he'll be hanging around the affluent areas like Westmount.

8. Caterpie At The Insectarium

Caterpie is a bug Pokemon, so it only makes sense that you would find him at the insectatarium. And hey, he may even evolve into Butterfree in time for the Butterflies Go Free exhibit.

Photo Cred - Pokemon Wikia

9. Chansey At The MUHC

Chansey is known for working at the Pokéhospitals, so we're sure she'll be making her way over to the MUHC in no time to put her skills to work.

10. Exeggutor At Beach Club

Exeggutor looks like a freaking palm tree, so he would fit in nicely at Beach Club where they're going for that beach-holiday vibe.

11. Pidgeys  Everyfuckingwhere

Montreal has a serious pigeon problem, so we're sure Pidgeys will not be hard to find at all. Plus if the past Pokémon games are any indicator, you'll just have to walk through grass for about 2 seconds before you run into one.

12. Mew At The Planetarium

Mew is a psychic-type and is always zipping through the sky, so the Planetarium is the perfect place to go searching for this rare Pokémon.

13. Machamp At The Gym

If you already do Cross-Fit, the chances of you finding a Machamp are pretty high. This guy has huge muscles, which we're sure he needs to maintain. Who knows, maybe he'll become your new lifting buddy.

Photo Cred - Comic Vine

14. Electrode On The Cross

These electric Pokémon will definitely be attracted to the lights on top of the mountain. And can't you see all those little bulbs that make up the cross being tiny electrodes?

To learn more about Pokemon GO check out the trailer here:

Where else do you think Pokemon will be hiding in Montreal?

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