14 Super Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas For The One You Love On Etsy

Cute and fun surprises for the holi-baes.

Okay, if you're in a relationship, raise your hand. If you do happen to have a significant other, seeing as it's the holiday season, you might be feeling a little bit of pressure right now.

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It can be a little difficult to figure out just what to get the person you're seeing, especially if you're a little strapped for cash. And, if so, no worries: there are a bunch of cute things for you guys to get each other online, all for super cheap.

Price: $12

For the serious hockey fans among us.

Price: $24

If your S/O loves to travel, then this is the perfect gift to remind them of all the places they've been all the time. (Is there a pun there? I don't know. Probably.)

Price: $20

Remind your lover of their love of Montreal with this copy of Montreal's national flag in t-shirt form.

Price: $23

Perfect for the music and wine lover in your life. So everyone, basically.

Price: $17

This colourful Montreal skyline will remind the love of your life that no matter what, Montreal is still pretty much the best city out there.

Price: $34

If you and bae absolutely love snuggling up together and watching reruns of Friends on Netflix (and let's be honest, who doesn't?), then this is legit the perfect gift for you guys.

Price: $20

Or, if the above mugs were just a touch too harsh, then there's these classic coffee cups that are sure to brighten up your S/O's morning/day/year/life.

Price: $30

Then again, this customizable beer mug just might be what brightens up your lives, TBH.

Price: $23

There is no better gift than a personalized gift, and no gift more personalized than one with your legit name on it.

Price: $26

For the S/O who loves getting turnt, but also loves smiling at their past in fond nostalgia.

Price: $28

For all the badass bitches out there.

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