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14 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas That Your Girlfriend Will Actually Love

Guys, real talk, Christmas is difficult. Okay, wait, let me rephrase that: the holidays are THE BEST part of the year in Montreal, hands down, for sure. But parts of the holidays can be super hard - like buying gifts for the one(s) you love.

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Especially when it comes to buying a gift for your significant other. Sure, you know them well, but it's always a little anxiety-inducing to go in blind and guess what kind of gift they'll love. People's tastes vary, after all, and whether you're going for something that'll always cheer them up, or something that'll help them out in their daily life, or anything in between... well, guessing is never fun.

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Of course, there are a fewsuper unique, super foolproof gift ideas that are guaranteed to please pretty much everyone this year. And if you are feeling a little curious as to what exactly those are? Well, no worries.  I've totally got your back. 

A scratch-off map, so you can track the spots you've been to together.

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If bae loves to travel, and you love to travel together, then this scratch-off mapis legit the perfect Christmas gift. Even if you've never experienced traveling together, it's still the perfect gift for your significant other - because it basically says you want to explore the world with them, and honestly, what's more romantic than that?

A box of Eternal Roses, so you can remind your S/O that your love story is forever. 

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A Montreal-based company, MFleurs not only specializes in flower boxes (which in and of itself is a super unique and beautiful alternative to traditional bouquets), but they also specialize in MyEternal Roses. These gorgeous flowers are specially treated to last for up to 1 year without any water needed. So you could say that these flowers are as special and unique as your love story. Aw.

A candle with a present inside, so it's really two gifts in one.

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Sure, everyone loves presents and everyone loves candles. But do you know what everyone loves even more? Candles with presents right inside of them. Charmed Aroma sells candles with rings hidden in the wax, so when the candle burns, you can fish out the ring with tweezers and wear your gift 2.0. The ring values range from $10 to $5,000, so you never know. Your S/O just might get super lucky!

Or, the same thing except in bath bomb form.

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Because, yes, candles are awesome. But the gift of a stress-free soak, plus the gift of discovering a ring worth up to $5,000, is quite possibly even more awesome, TBH, and thanks to Pearl Bath Bombs, it can be bae's next stocking stuffer!

A tea that's really a hot chocolate, so they'll think of you every time they warm up.

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Alright, straight-up, there is no better gift than the gift of warmth. And tea is legit THE perfect stocking stuffer/Christmas gift to make sure the one you love stays nice and toasty this winter season.

One of the tastiest teas out there just so happens to be Montreal's own Cacao Sakao. An herbal tea that tastes EXACTLY like a hot chocolate, Cacao Sakao is made up of 100% natural organic Peruvian cacao husk. Which means it's vegan-friendly, organic, gluten-free, and free of any sugar or additives. And when you factor in that it only has 3% of your daily caloric intake, and that it's caffeine-free? Yeah. That sounds like one awesome hot chocolate alternative if you ask me.

Plus, the Peruvian cacao husks are chalk full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals like copper and iron. And the theobromine in the husks also help raise your mood... so really, gifting this tea is like gifting happiness. Which is pretty much the best gift you can give someone you love, if you ask me!

A bullet journal, so bae can keep organized in the trendiest way of 2017.

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Trust, tons of people are big into stationary. And if your significant other is one of them, then they'll more than appreciate a bullet journal! A super trendy way to keep track of your thoughts, calendar, notes, doodles and more, the bullet journaling trend has taken 2017 by storm, making a bullet journal (AKA a dotted journal) a super solid gift for the paper lover in your life.

A weekend away at this treehouse/cabin in Quebec, so you and your lover can get nice and cozy.

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If you and your lover are down for some cozy alone time, then look no further than these adult treehouses. Although there are tons around Montreal, Les Toits Du Monde (a two hour drive out of the city) is one seriously solid example of cute, fun, romantic and secluded chalet treehouses you can surprise bae with!

A "Tea Time In A Jar" Christmas basket, so that your S/O can warm upwhenever and wherever they are. 

First and foremost, this jar is FILLED with Cacao Sakao 100% organic Peruvian Cacao tea, so your lover can carry a delicious chocolate tea chock full of antioxidants with them at any and all times.

Plus it comes with an infuser ball and 100% pure Quebec maple syrup, so whenever they feel like a warm little pick-me-up, this jar has every single thing they might need!

Not only that, but the jar also comes with gluten-free, vegan chocolate cookies... plus a grain of cacao for good luck (FYI: wearing a grain of cacao is traditionally good luck in Peru)! Plus, if you pre-order this pack before November 30, you'll get a 10% discount!

A jade face roller, AKA 2017's trendiest beauty accessory. 

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If you, your s/o, or anyone you know is in to beauty, then chances are you've seen or at least heard about this mysterious jade roller. A face-massager made of pure jade that's meant to improve the skin's appearance and elasticity, this beauty has made the rounds on social media and actually has some pretty solid reviews. So give the gift of one of 2017's trendiest beauty accessories, and prepare to blow your significant other away with your sheer genius gift ideas.

A Fenty Beauty Match Stix trio, so your S/O can flaunt their makeup skills with the most popular beauty brand of the year.

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Okay, we can all collectively agree that Fenty Beauty was the highkey makeup hit of 2017. Rihanna's beauty collection SLAYED due to its dreamy foundation (with 40 shades, to match tons of skin tones!), killer highlighters, and Mat Stix contour sticks. Unfortunately, they're a little pricey - but thanks to Sephora's Christmas specials, you can nab 3 and save over $30 when you do, giving your lover the gift of a trendy makeup set and yourself the gift of not going totally broke. It's a win-win.

A blanket that looks like a mermaid tail, for optimal cozy time. 

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Snuggling with your S/O is cool, sure. But snuggling with your S/O who has transformed into a MERMAID!? That's on a whole other level! Unfortunately, your S/O won't actually turn into a mermaid with this blanket, so you're kinda out of luck there. But they will be cozy and look fierce, so really, this gift is still a huge win.

An instant photo printer for bae's phone, so you can print all your adorable moments together in real time.

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Sure, you can gift your lover a picture frame with some cute selfies of you guys together. OR, you can turn it up a notch and just straight-up give them the printer. So they can print your best Instagram posts together, right when you take them, and think of you even when they're off printing photos of, like, their dog rolling around in the snow.

An oil diffuser, because aromatherapy is the best gift you can give. 

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Essential oil diffusers. So hot right now. This one in particular is made of bamboo and uses sound waves to turn the essential oil into a mist and propel it into the air, meaning you'll be gifting your significant other good vibes (which is the best gift of all) wrapped in an eco-friendly and technologically slick package. Awesome, right?

A bottle of Unicorn Tears Gin, because let's be real, who doesn't want to drink unicorn tears?

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Literally, anyone and everyone who loves gin would more than appreciate this high quality (and also super kitschy/cute) liqueur. An iridescent liquid with a bittersweet flavour, this alcohol is a sure way to impress your lover with your sense of humour and your great taste in liqueur.

A copy of Rupi Kaur's newest poetry book, for baes who love books.

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Rupi Kaur's poetry book Milk And Honeyhas been a huge hit in the last couple of years, so anybody who loves poetry (or reading, or staying current on latest literature) would seriously appreciate this little gift. And if any of those statements fit your significant other, guess what? Christmas present, found.

No matter what you get, your partner will love it for sure - it comes from you, after all!

But if you really want toblow them away, then these gifts are pretty much an awesome way to start. I mean, look me in the eye and tell me honestly you wouldn't be thrilled to receive a bottle of straight unicorn tears. Exactly. You can't.

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Gifts like Cacao Sakao are a perfect way to keep your s/o super happy this Christmas, too! Not only is the tea delicious, nutritious (made with 100% organic Peruvian cacao husks, which are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals) and totally customizable - you can combine different teas to make a chocolatey tea cocktail, or use Cacao Sakao as a base and add more delicious ingredients to the mix! - but it also clocks in at just 3% of your daily intake of calories.

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Plus, this herbal tea is also mood-boosting thanks to the theobromine, and doesn't have any gluten, sugar or additives. I mean, a healthy hot chocolate replacement that tastes awesome and is actually good for you? Um. Yes, please!

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Legit, you just know this sounds like the tastiest Christmas gift ever! For more information on Cacao Sakao, including all the spots in Montreal where you can pick up your own pack, check out their official Facebook and Instagram page!