15 Amazing Isolated Homes Around The World

The places you dream of living in one day.
15 Amazing Isolated Homes Around The World

Have you ever wanted to pack everything up, escape the rat race, and run away to a deserted island somewhere?

It's a nice thought, especially if you've had a long annoying day. But luckily, sanity quickly takes over, and you realize what a crazy idea it actually is.

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But some people clearly have zero fvcks to give, because they decided to do just that. They built themselves house in the middle of nowhere, on isolated peaks, and on tiny deserted islands.

These house are ridiculously amazing, and they have one thing in common, you can't get to 'em.

They're the perfect place to survive a zombie apocalypse, unless you're living in Montreal.

If you thought moving day was annoying for you because you had to bring a couch up 4 floors, at least you didn't have to rent a crane of a helicopter.

Which one's your favorite?