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15 Montreal Bars You Can Meet Lowkey Guys, Sophisticated Guys, Rich Guys, & F*ck Boys

Find your man!
15 Montreal Bars You Can Meet Lowkey Guys, Sophisticated Guys, Rich Guys, & F*ck Boys

Everyone knows the struggle of going to the same bars and getting stuck with the same typical f*ck boys. But, some of us have found some amazing gems and the same bar multiple time whether they be funny guys, lowkey guys, etc. 

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So, to help us all out, depending on the type of guys you are looking for, I have composed this sick list of guys! So, if you are looking more for a hookup, maybe try a f*ck boy, or if you want to find that sophisticated man of your dreams check out those elegant bars!

For Lowkey Guys Click "NEXT"

Bars With Lowkey Guys:

1. Kampai

via @kampaigarden

1628 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

Type: Lowkey with great drinks, variety of music, and plenty of chill guys!


2. TRH-Bar

via @taypro14

699 Boul St-Laurent

Type: Skate park inside with good music to meet your dream skater dude.


3. Fitzroy

via @sabimmobilier

551 Mont-Royal E

Type: Pool tables, arcade games, great to meet that lowkey guy who loves beer and being with friends.


For Sophisticated Guys Click "NEXT"

Bars With Sophisticated Guys:

1. Joverse

via @joversemtl

52 rue Saint-Jacques

Type: classy but fun and great dancing!


2. Mayfair

via @mayfaircocktailbar

451 Rue Rachel

Type: classy and great drinks


3. Bord'Elle

via @bordellemtl

390 Rue Saint-Jacques

Type: meet you Great Gatsby man!


For Rich Guys: Click "NEXT"

Bars With Rich Guys:

1. Auberge St-Gabriel

via @peacesignup

420 Rue St-Gabriel Montreal, Quebec

Type: Fancy and filled with expensive drinks!


2. Somwhr Liquor Lounge

via @adamo514

401 rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Type: where celebrities party


3. Santos

via @cam.dum

91 Saint-Paul St W, Montreal

Type: Old Montreal rich vibes


For Funny Guys Click "NEXT"

Bars With Funny Guys:


via @alexandra_friedman

3519 St Laurent Blvd

Type: Old school fun dancer!


2. Candi Bar

via @daniel.ahassan

1148 Mont-Royal Ave E

Type: sweet candy themed drinks and even sweeter guys!


3. Foonzo

via @megaloniac

1245 Drummond S

Type: Funny arcade gamer!


For F*ck Boys Click "NEXT"

Bars With F*ck Boys:

1. Apartment 200

via @iitskikii

3643 St-Laurent Apt.200

Type: who pretend to rap to every song.


2. Rouge

via @rougebar

7 Prince Arthur St W

Type: who don't know when to stop groping


3. Club École Privée

via @karelchladek

3500 St Laurent Blvd

Type: who can't afford the bottles they "buy"...


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