15 Best Take-Out Restaurants In Montreal

So good you'll want to order some tonight!
15 Best Take-Out Restaurants In Montreal

With an array of restaurants at the touch of your finger-tip, there are endless possibilities of delicious take-out you can get in Montreal. 

TL;DR There are so many delicious food options available in Montreal. We decided to compile a list of all the best takeout food joints in the city.

You also have the choice of grabbing the food you desire while you come home from school or work or if you don't want to get off the couch to cook.

With an endless possibility of options available, we did all the work for you by narrowing it down for you. 

Some of these restaurants even deliver the food right to your door. 

Here's a list of the most delicious take-out you can get in Montreal: 

15. FCO di Fiumicino

451 Viger Ave W.

There are a ton of pizza places in Montreal, but this place honestly had some of the best pizza I've ever tasted! It was the perfect thickness of crust (not too thin, not too thick) and an array of yummy toppings. I highly recommend the Boscaiola- mushrooms, sausage & mozzarella.


14. Jaipur Tandoori

1227a Mont-Royal Ave E.

Every now and then I crave some delicious Indian food. If you're in the mood, have their mouth-watering Tandoori Chicken, Pathia Shrimp, or delicious Onion Bhaji delivered right to your door.


13. Sushi Taxi

1744 Notre-Dame St W

With so many options, it's no wonder this is a local favourite for takeout! What's great is that they have a few 12 rolls for $20 deals on as well. They also have delicious poke bowls.


12. Souvlaki Bar

895 Rue de la Gauchetière O.

Why travel to Greece when you have delicious Greek food available right here in Montreal? They have a variety of dips, salads and of course souvlaki- the possibilities are endless.


11. La Boulette 

2223 Rue Beaubien E

This restaurant offers plenty of delicious comfort food. Tasty food and fresh quality ingredients, you can choose from their poutine, tartare, fish and chips, and grilled cheese.

Via La Boulette


10. Boustan 

19 St Catherine St E.

This restaurant has multiple locations throughout Montreal and can fill all your late night cravings! Try their garlic potatoes, falafel, and of course all the mouth-watering shawarma you can imagine! They deliver!


9. Chef On Call 

3430 Park Ave.

This place is for all you students, young professionals, and anyone who wants quality food at an affordable price! With a range of delicious foods to choose from- from hamburgers, fries, chicken, and so much more!


8. La Panthere Verte 

145 Mont-Royal Ave E.

This restaurant is great for those who are vegan, vegetarian or want health-conscious options. They offer sandwiches, bowls, and even healthy desserts. These dishes are extremely filling and will leave you satisfied all night long!


7. Mr. Puffs 

1810 Mont-Royal Ave E

This one is always a crowd favourite! These tiny, yet delicious doughnuts are truly amazing. With a ton of locations throughout Montreal, you can't go wrong with this mouth-watering dessert.


6. Tacos Frida

4350 Notre-Dame St W.

Cheap, delicious tacos are right at your fingertip with this place. They also offer the classic guacamole, and tortilla soup. Did I mention that they have horchata?


5. Omnivore

4306 St-Laurent Blvd.
1633 Saint-Denis St.
Le Cathcart, 1 Place Ville Marie

Whether you're vegetarian, a meat lover or somewhere in between, Omnivore has everyone covered! They also have huge portions- perfect for sharing or when you're starving! My favourite is the omnivore dish – with your choice of meat, fatouche salad, lentil rice, and hummus.


4. Tampopo

4449 Mentana St

Inexpensive, highly rated and delicious asian food. I've been looking for a chinese food takeout restaurant for a while now, and I think I've found a really great one. They have unique dishes like vegetarian spring roll with Japanese omelette or their classic Shanghai pork ravioli. Your tastebuds will thank you later.

Via Tampopo


3. Mandy's

2067 Crescent St.

I never thought of myself as a "salad" person, but this place has turned me into one! They are healthy, filling and very very delicious. I highly recommend trying their Asian salad, with asian sesame vinaigrette, romaine lettuce, mixed greens, avocado, mandarin oranges, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, crunchy noodles, toasted sesame seeds.


2. Amir

1337 Mont-Royal Ave E

With various locations throughout Montreal, this is a crowd favourite for Lebanese food. They offer some truly delicious dishes, like tabbouleh, fattouche, hummus, falafel, and various types of pita. Always fresh and always a good idea!


1. Poulet 3 Pattes 

3224 Rosemont Blvd

If you want some great, authentic Portuguese dining, Poulet 3 Pattes has you covered. Everything you could want and more from sandwiches, salads, poutines, and every type of meat possible. They're sure to have what you're craving!


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