Top 15 New Montreal Things You Can Do For Your Birthday If You're Born In June, July, Or August

Okay, so everyone in Montreal usually goes out for their birthday at either a night club on Boulevard St.Laurent or in Old Montreal. Well, why not be different and do something even crazier for your birthday! Montreal doeshave a great night life but they also have a variety of amazing activities that you and your friends should do to celebrate your summer birthday.

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I can guarantee you that if you choose one of these activities for your birthdays that you won't regret it! Do something crazy and worth wild for your birthday instead of getting completely wasted and not even remembering the night. So this is for those fellow summer babies out there like me!

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Things To Do In June For Your Birthday:

1. Celebrate At Village Au Pied-Du-Courant

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19 Prince Arthur O

Au Pied-du-Courant is a Montreal boardwalk village where you can chill out in the sand and enjoy the sun starting June 2nd! Each day features a special theme in 2017 so be sure to check some of them out especially on your birthday.

2. Celebrate At Allez Up

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1555 Rue St-Patrick

Why not go rock climbing for your birthday instead of drinking! Now I'm sure that you're wondering where to go rock climbing in Montreal, but there's actually quite a few places. A very well known establishment is Allez Up. It's fun and you'll have a blast with your friends on your birthday with their insanely high walls.


3. . Celebrate By Skydiving

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Why not be a thriller and go skydiving with your closest friends for your birthday! Parachute Montreal Inc. offers great and safe experience to all their customers! So be adventurous and take a risk on your birthday!


4. Celebrate By Pole Dancing

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50 Rue Saint-Jacques

Hey girls, AND boys! Why not try pole dancing for your birthday! Not only is it a great workout, but it's super fun and you will have a great time! I suggest trying Milan Pole Dance Studio since they make a whole event out of your reservation. You will laugh and love yourself on your birthday.


5. Celebrate At A Cocktail Class

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444 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

Get drunk andgo to Ateliers & Saveurs to make some fancy cocktails for your birthdays! You will all learn how to prepare tasty cocktails with professionals who will show you how to get drunk the right way for your birthday!


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Things To Do In July For Your Birthday:

1. Celebrate At The Firework Festival

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Fireworks are a great way to celebrate your birthday especially after a night out in old Montreal! You can go to dinner and then watch the sky fill with diamonds on your special day this month.

2. Celebrate At Piknic Electronik

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Piknic Eletronik is always a great birthday option! Not only is it cheap since tickets are only $15, but you can invite all your friends without reservation and drink up. Trust me, you will dance the night away!

3. Celebrate At A High Tea

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10 Place Phillips

Why not be fancy and spend your birthday in a classy way with a hightea experience! Montreal hosts multiple high teas at many different places however, I suggest trying the high-end high tea at Birks Café. It's more upscale so it's great for a birthday! You can dress formal and feel special on your day.


4. Celebrate At Comiccon


Comiccon isn't for everyone, but if you and your friends happen to be a group that just loves comiccon like I do then I 514% bet that you will have a blast at the Montreal Comiccon on your birthday this July (07 TO 09).


5. Celebrate by Surfing

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Suite 01, 9520 Boulevard Leduc

Hit up Brossard's Oasis Surfing for the ultimate birthday experience! It's a indoor surfing complex with a bar and restaurant! So you can hit the waves and the bar on your birthday.


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Things To Do In August For Your Birthday:

1. Celebrate At Bota Bota

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Price: $45

Entrée McGill Coin De la Commune et McGill, Promenade du Vieux-Port

Ah yes, the perfect way to relax with your BFFs if it happens to be your birthday, is by treating yourselves to a spa day. Personally, I recommend Bota Bota since it is only $45 before 11 am and after 6pm for their water circuit. Not only do you relax, but you also get to see Montreal from a whole other angle with the stunning views you receive on the boat's deck and in the main pool that looks over the whole city!


2. Celebrate At Osheaga

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If your birthday happens to be near August 4-5-6, then be sure to pick up some Osheaga tickets with your closest friends. Music, food, drinks, and your BFFs are the perfect combination to make you birthday in Montreal fabulous!


3. Celebrate By Paint Balling On A Secret Island

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How about some paint balling! But not just regular paint balling... This is paint balling on a secret island located in the St. Lawrence River. So you and your friends can organize a large group to come celebrate your birthday and participate on the private island with over 2 400 000 square feet of fun!


4. Celebrate At The Clock Tower Beach

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Drink up on a pretend beach with all of your friends as you soak up the sun this August! Not only can you get bottles, but you can also enjoy some fun summer activities like tanning, volleyball, and much more.

5. Celebrate At Ile Soniq

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If you just adore EDM and getting drunk, then be sure to purchase some tickets to Ile Soniq with your BFFs! You can party hard and never be without a drink this August.


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