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15 Cute Spots Close To Montreal You Can Roadtrip To With Your BFF ASAP

Make even more summer 2016 memories.
15 Cute Spots Close To Montreal You Can Roadtrip To With Your BFF ASAP

I feel like many of us have arrived at a typical crossroads: try to squeeze in one more vacation, or resign ourselves to staying put for the rest of the summer. With a time crunch or a dwindling budget in mind, many of us may have settled for the latter option. But the reality is, you may not have to concede so easily - what if a quick road trip somewhere close by was the perfect happy medium?

We've spent tons of time this summer investigating nearby destinations that are accessible to any budget, age, timeframe, and interest. Whether it's renting a cottage close to Montreal, adventuring to a hidden cave, going on a challenging hike, or hanging out at a beach, we've continually proved that you really don't need to go far (or spend a ton of money) to have an awesome summer getaway.

So stop telling yourself that there's no time or money left for you to have a fun summer trip with your friends. We've compiled a list of some of the most beautiful, exciting, and unique areas to explore close to Montreal, so no excuses, because half of the work is already done. The only thing you need to do is pull the YOLO card and make some memories.

1. Go cliff jumping at Lac des Piles

A photo posted by Audrey (@audreyparent26) on

2. Explore the Lusk Cave and go hiking in the surrounding area

A photo posted by Emily Joy (@em_joyful) on


Sidenote: Justin Trudeau was recently spotted here, so I mean, do you need another reason?

3. Spend a day at Brome Lake

A photo posted by Maëlle Aeschimann (@maelleaes) on

4. Head to Plage D'Oka, one hour from the city

A photo posted by LAURENCE ?? (@laurence_desjardins) on

5. Hide away at this secret swimming spot, near the Saint Adele river

A photo posted by @deephousekeeping on

6. Find serenity at this lakeside spa

A photo posted by ⓐⓤⓓⓡⓔⓨ ❣ (@audreey.s) on

7. Rent one of these nearby cottages in Quebec

8. Roadtrip to the stunning Sandbanks Provincial Park

A photo posted by Étienne Vigneau (@amiral99) on

9. Go on a zip lining, treetop adventure at Arbraska Lafleche

A photo posted by M a n u e l a (@manuserje) on

10. Go horseback riding at Captiva Farms

A photo posted by Captiva Farms (@captivafarms) on

11. Go camping at nearby Parc National du Mont-Tremblant

A photo posted by Bridget Conway (@briggiesmallls) on

12. Roadtrip to ice cream heaven, a.k.a Coaticook, QC

A photo posted by •Megan Landry• (@megan_landryy) on

13. Escape from everything at this beautiful, peaceful Ontario island

A photo posted by Jesse (@short_notice95) on

14. Venture to one (or all) of these amazing Quebec poutine shacks

A photo posted by ??????? (@heather.m.k) on

15. Rent this insane lakeside treehouse for a weekend

Photo cred - Airbnb

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