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15 Cute & Super Fun Things You Gotta Do With Your Best Friends In Montreal ASAP

Quality time is the best time!
15 Cute & Super Fun Things You Gotta Do With Your Best Friends In Montreal ASAP

Fall truly is a beautiful season, especially in Montreal. But, fall isn't just a beautiful season, it's also a season where you and your BFF should spend some more quality time together! Fall is a great time to bond with your BFF and to do fun activities.

Montreal is a great place where you and your BFF can explore some new fun and super cute activities right in your own city! So, start texting your BFF and clearing your schedule to make time for a well-deserved BFF day! You'll be 'falling' around for how much you guys will be laughing and getting tipsy!

1. Have Fun With Your BFF At Bota Bota

A photo posted by Karina Armutlu (@karina_armutlu) on

Price: $45 each

Ah yes, the perfect little day getaway for you and your sis is definitely Bota Bota. Here, you two can relax while enjoying each others company. Bota Bota is only $45 before 11 am and after 6pm for their water circuit where you and your BFF can see the orange and reds overflowing the city. They have absolutely stunning views of Old Montreal and you will have the most relaxing time ever with your BFF.

2. Have Fun With Your BFF At Le Ceramic Café

A photo posted by J U S T I N E A S H B Y (@just.ash) on

Price: $40-50

4338 St Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2K8

One of my personal favourite places is Le Céramic Café. Here, you and your BFF can treat yourselves to some nice coffee and some amazing ceramics that you will later paint! You can paint just about anything and it is honestly a great time!


3. Have Fun With Your BFF At The Garden Of Lights In The Botanical Garden

A photo posted by Sahara (@fatma_khazala) on

Price: $30-40

For a beautiful night our with your BFF, I suggest taking them to the lights festival at the Botanical garden. It is absolutely stunning and it's a great way to bond with your BFF. You can walk through the whole park throughout the night and enjoy the crisp fall air.


4. Have Fun With Your BFF And Go To A Cocktail Classes

A photo posted by Savie Persaud (@savvie3) on

Price: $22 – $95 per class

444 Saint-Francois-Xavier

Ateliers & Saveurs is a hands-on class led by professional chefs. You can choose to specialize in cooking divine french cuisine but, I find it super fun to go to the cocktail classes where you can your BFF will make drinks and get tipsy!


5. Have Fun With Your BFF And Hike Up Mont Royal

A photo posted by @rosie_zzr on

I mean, you don't have to hike but if you are anything like my BFF and I. I find hiking more fun. Anyways, make your way up Mount Royal this fall to enjoy gorgeous views, pictures, and even a picnic with your BFF!

6. Have Fun With Your BFF And Go Apple Picking


Apple picking is honestly one of the most fun things to do with family members, especially your BFF. Montreal is home to some great apple picking locations that are fairly near to the city! So, dress cute for those BFF apple picking instas!

7. Have Fun With Your BFF And Go Pumpkin Picking

A photo posted by Pamela (@pamelaperrotti) on

Price: $20-40

I mean since you probably already went apple picking with your BFF, why not go pumpkin picking too! Pumpkin picking is an activity that you can even do the same day as apple picking! You and your BFF can pick the strangest pumpkins and then you can carve your pumpkins together and make some pumpkin pie. This is a great way to bond and have some good laughs at your awfully carved pumpkins.

8. Have Fun With Your BFF And Bike To Jean Talon Market

A photo posted by Lane-Anthony & Co. Ltd. (@laneanthonyco) on

Jean Talon Market is a great place to bike to during the fall. You can treat yourselves to some great fresh treats and beautiful fall flowers. It's a great place to buy things for you and your BFF's apartment and to cook later for dinner.

9. Have Fun With Your BFF And have A Chocolate Bomb From C’ChoColat

A video posted by Maude (@maudep28) on

Price: $20

1255 Rue Bishop

Show your BFF something truly amazing by taking them out for a wild desert! This fall, treat your BFF to a C'Wow from C'ChoColat! The C'Wow is also known as a chocolate bomb where someone pours hot caramel over a chocolate dome that melts and reveals sweet treat underneath!


10. Have Fun With Your BFF And Go Pole Dancing

A photo posted by MilanPoleDanceStudio Montreal (@mpdsmontreal) on

Price: $30

50 Rue Saint-Jacques

Since you and your BFF are probably super close, why not step out of your comfort zones and try pole dancing this fall! Not only is it a great workout but it’s super fun and you will have a great time! I suggest trying Milan Pole Dance Studio where you can have fun, laugh at each other, and laugh at yourselves.


11. Have Fun With Your BFF And Go To A High Tea At Cardinal

A photo posted by Querelles (@catmart) on

Price: $30-40

5326 Boul St-Laurent

Cardinal is one of Montreal's only restaurants/cafes solely dedicated to making you and your BFF a delicious tea! Their tea isn't the only delicious thing there, their finger foods are just as good. The ambiance is also superb! It's a vintage location with funky decorations and a guaranteed great time for you and your BFF this fall.


12. Have Fun With Your BFF And Go To The Floating Boat Cafe

A photo posted by Sébastien (@seb_d_henry) on


The Canal near Atwater Avenue

Canal Lounge Cafe Flottant is literally a cafe on the water of the Lachine Canal. This is a great location to bike to with your sis and to enjoy some great snacks, views, and talks! You and your BFF can enjoy a whole night here during the fall.


13. Have Fun With Your BFF At Paint The Nite

A photo posted by Life with Paint (@life_with_paint) on

Price: $25-35

Since you and your BFF probably love having fun, I suggest checking out Paint the Nite. Montreal gladly hosts multiple events at local bars. Simply go on their website and choose an event, which has a specific theme, and buy your tickets. Here, you and your BFF will drink up, paint, and share amazing memories as you look back at your beautiful fall paintings.


14. Have Fun With Your Sis And Go To A Boozy Brunch At Suwu

A photo posted by Darlene Anderson (@thenewgirldar) on

Price: $30-40

3581 Boul St-Laurent

If you and your BFF love drinking, then why not treat each other to some morning mimosas at SuWu! A boozy brunch is a great way to start your BFF day this fall. Here, you and your BFF will enjoy some delightful mimosas over a succulent brunch!


15. Have Fun With Your BFF And Go Do Indoors Rock Climbing

A photo posted by Ground Up Climbing Academy (@groundupsg) on


1555 Rue St-Patrick

Since the cold weather will slowly be taking over Montreal, why not go indoor rock climbing with your active af BFF this fall! Rock climbing is honestly super sun and it's a great way to stay active with youR BFFthis fall!


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