15 Easy Summer Jobs For Montreal Students You Can Apply For Right Now

You need to get job hunting NOW
15 Easy Summer Jobs For Montreal Students You Can Apply For Right Now

Looking for jobs can be tough. Looking for seasonal jobs while juggling school, extracurriculars and a demanding exam schedule can be even harder. Lucky for you, I've made it easier for you to find a job this summer by compiling a list of employers that are hiring seasonal workers.

Whether you're looking for a part-time job because your full-time internship isn't paid (the struggle is real), or you're looking for a fun way to spend your summer away from academics, I've got you covered. 

Polish off your CV, update your LinkedIn and apply ASAP!

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TL;DR Read below to find a list of employers, websites and agencies that are hiring or will help you find a job. Good luck on your job search!

LaRonde Staff

Where: LaRonde, Parc Jean Drapeau

Salary: Not specified; varies by position

This one's a classic summer job, and a pretty cool one at that. LaRonde is hiring for many positions, from restaurant staff to sales assistants in their stores to operating the rollercoasters.

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Where: Every single pool in Montreal.

Salary: $16.61 to $19.66 an hour.

Another classic. Most boroughs start announcing their open positions around this time. Check out job postings by the city of Montreal and Longueuil. Live those Baywatch dreams!

Camp Counsellor

Where: Cities, camps, and cegeps near you!

Salary: Not specified.

Do you like kids? Are you high energy? Do you want to spend your summer doing activities outdoors? The position of camp counsellor is probably a good fit for you. Again, most boroughs hire directly on their website, otherwise check out camps like the YMCA. Camp Amy Molson is also hiring for the 2019 season. You can check out a wide range of open camp counsellor positions here.

Agriculture/Farm Hand

Where: Any farm near you.

Salary: $16-25 an hour.

Whether you choose to do this here or abroad through an organisation like WOOF, doing this means that you're definitely going to grow those muscles over the summer.

Tree Planter

Where: All over Canada!

Salary: Normally paid per tree planted, can make between $150-300 a day.

Again, this is a great way to get your tan on while making SERIOUS money. If you're hardy enough to stand the hot sun and among mosquitos, this job is really worth your time. Check out this site for a list of companies hiring, or here for a site closer to home.


Where: Montreal

Salary: $12-25 an hour

This is a great job for all of the anglophones out there who don't speak enough French to get hired elsewhere. Painting jobs tend to be pretty well-paid, and you can tell people at parties you're a painter and see their impressed looks (just don't elaborate on the kind of painting you do). Check out painting jobs here!

Intern with the City of Montreal

Where: Montreal

Salary: $16.29 to $19.42

The city offers a ton of jobs to students in the summer, including some internships. Check them out here.

Tricycle Operator

Where: Longueuil.

Salary: $13 an hour.

Yes, this is a real thing. Help the elderly get around Longueuil by driving them around on a tricycle. You'll develop quad muscles and probably hear a ton of interesting stories from your clients. Check out the job posting on this page — it's about halfway down under the title "Opérateur de triporteur."

Dog Walker

Where: Walk all of Montreal!

Salary: $15-20 per hour

This is a great job because you get to hang around dogs all day (so many pups!) and see more of the city on foot. Check out sites like these to sign up to be a dogwalker.


Where: Cities and boroughs around Canada.

Salary: Not specified.

Similarly to painting and tree planting, this is a good way to get physically fit this summer. Most cities hire landscapers for summer contract jobs, which means that you are paid a government salary: always a plus. Check out some open positions here.

Paid Museum Internship

Where: Across Canada

Salary: Not specified; "competitive"

The Canadian Museums Association has a summer internship program specifically for student applicants. There are a wide range of positions available through which students will gain valuable skills in "the heritage sector." Check it out here.

Parks Canada: Visitor Services

Where: Gaspé and other locations in Quebec

Salary: $12.93 to $20.19

Spend your summer working with Parks Canada! Enjoy the beauty of our national parks while guiding visitors around and helping guests. Apply here!

Brand Ambassador for Deloitte

Where: Montreal

Salary: Not specified

Many brands hire brand ambassadors during the summer. You reach out and promote the brand at whatever events they deem fit. Not all applications are out right now, so this is just an example of what's out there. Check out this open position.

Tennis Instructor

Where: Longueuil

Salary: Depends on experience

If you have any experience in playing tennis, this could be a really good job for you! It's a fun way to spend your summer outside. Check out open positions here!

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Festival Aid

Where: Osheaga, Just For laughs, Jazz Fest etc.

Salary: Not specified.

Many festivals hire security, promotional teams, and volunteers to make sure the event runs smoothly. In exchange, you get to attend the festival for free! It's a great trade-off. Only a handful of positions are open so far, but stay tuned to the Just For Laughs website and POP Montreal newsletter, for example, for open positions.

Happy job hunting, Montreal!