15 "End Of Summer" Road Trips You Should Take That Are 1, 2, & 3 Hours Away From Montreal

Okay, I know talk of summer ending is a little depressing, but it has to be done. We all need a wake up call because summer really is ending in 3 weeks! We'll all be going back to school, getting back into serious work, or doing whatever it is real life tells us to in the fall. 

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It's always a sad time when summer comes to an end, but we don't have to be sad yet. There's still 3 whole weekends left and that means there's tons of time to explore. 

These last 3 weekends are the time to fit in all the road trips you said you were going to take with your friends but never got around to doing. Now's the time people! Get roadtripping ASAP! 

Road Trips 1 Hour Away 🌊  🌵

Road Trips 2 Hours Away 🌷 🐬

Road Trips 3 Hours Away 🍒 🌴

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Road Trips 1 Hour Away: 

1. Ferme Champy For Sunflower Fields

via @melissabellerive

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour

These gorgeous sunflower fields will make you feel like you were transported straight to Tuscany, Italy! They just opened their winding maze through the fields so you can actually wander through the fields!

Go here for more information.

2. La Maison Lavande For Lavender Fields 

via @ellejulie_

Distance From Montreal: 44 mins

These beautiful lavender fields are less than 1 hour from the city! You can lounge in the lavender coloured chairs within the fields, stop and smell the beautifully fresh flowers, or enjoy their amazing lavender flavoured ice cream!

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3. Oka Beach For A Chill Beach Day

via @brittanyykey

Distance From Montreal: 51 mins

Oka Beach is less than an hour from Montreal and definitely something you need to check out before the end of summer. It has tropical umbrellas, refreshing lake water to swim in and a white sandy beach to relax on!

4. Maison Hovey For A Royal Weekend Getaway 

via @sunaybabahan

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 30 mins

Enjoy a weekend getaway where you'll feel like you just escaped to England at this stunning resort! It's located in Quebec's Eastern Townships and the grounds are drop-dead gorgeous. You get views of the sparkling lake, an on-site outdoor pool to swim in, and flower-filled gardens to spend your time in.

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5. Mount Orford For Hiking 

via @arianelavoie

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 25 mins

These awesome hiking trails are just over an hour from Montreal and you must try them before the summer ends. The hiking trails are pretty easy so even beginner hikers can enjoy themselves here. And once you get to the top you'll get some stunning views!

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Road Trips 2 Hours Away: 

1. Ausable Chasm For River Tubing 

via @skyeschumacher

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 27 mins

If you haven't made it out to this crazy natural attraction in New York State yet, no worries you've still got 3 weekends of summer left! They have so many fun things to do here like lazy river tubing, rock climbing, hiking, and white water rafting!

2. Calypso Waterpark For Refreshing Fun 

via @calypsopark

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 45 mins

If you haven't had the chance to make it out to any waterparks yet this summer, now's your chance! Calypso Theme Waterpark is less than 2 hours away and sooo much fun.

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3. Frontenac National Park For Camping

via @cassandra.lily

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 45 mins

This beautiful national park is the perfect place to go if you didn't have a chance to go camping yet this summer. You'll find campgrounds on the lake so you can wake up and take a refreshing dip every morning!

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4. Tiny Fern Forest Treehouse For Glamping 

via @kelseysortland

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 27 mins

These adorable treehouses are located just over 2 hours from Montreal in Vermont and are the coolest place to go glamping. If you're not super into the idea of camping in a tent on the cold hard ground (like me) then glamping is definitely the way to go! Enjoy camping in style here.

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5. Boldt Castle To Live Out Your Fairytale Dreams

via @visit1000islands

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 50 mins

This gorgeous castle is located super close to Montreal in New York's 1000 Islands. Even though it's right on the border of Quebec and New York, you'll need your passport to get onto this island. Live out your dreams of being a princess at this gorgeous castle!

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Road Trips 3 Hours Away: 

1. Spa Du Verger For Serene Relaxation

via @kaleidoscopik_mind

Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 45 mins

This stunning spa is part of the Le Germain Hotel and it's located on an adorable farm! You can soak in this gorgeous hot tub next to a field full of cute sheep. The rooms at this hotel are also totally unique and beautiful! Have an amazing weekend getaway here before summer ends.

2. Beardslee Castle For A Rustic Dinner Experience

via @r.u.d.y.diamond

Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 15 mins

Okay, so this spot is a little farther than 3 hours but it's totally worth the extra hour! It's an abandoned castle located in New York where you can eat dinner like you're Irish Royalty! Explore their gorgeous grounds and enjoy a delicious meal.

Go here for more information.

3. Morrison's Quarry For Swimming 

via @suzykendrick

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 35 mins

This quarry has bright blue water that almost looks to beautiful to be real! It's become a popular destination for swimming and of course Instagram pictures. Pick a sunny day in the last 3 weeks of August and enjoy a day splashing in the refreshing water!

4. Chutes Jean Larose For Flowing Waterfalls 

via @laurieloup

Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 12 mins

These stunning waterfalls are definitely worth a trip this summer. If you haven't made it out to any waterfalls yet, then now's the time and you won't be disappointed at these!

5. Franconia Ridge For Fun Hiking Trails

via @kieradolan23

Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 7 mins

This gorgeous hiking trail in New Hampshire was voted in the top hiking trails in the world by National Geographic for obvious reasons! It takes hikers over two mountain tops, past wildflowers, waterfalls and over rocky trails.

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