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15 Fancy Terrasse Restaurants You Can Go To For Brunch, Lunch Or Dinner

Now that the weather is slowly starting to heat up, Montrealers are gearing up to enjoy a sun-filled summer. Once this rainy weather clears, it'll be blue skies from here on out and we'll have tons of time to escape our apartment cocoons and venture outside. 

What better way to enjoy the warmth and sunshine than on a terrasse, right? Whether you love spending on time on a terrasse for brunch, lunch or dinner there's a fancy restaurant for every meal of the day. 

So grab your friends, family or significant others and show them the best of what Montreal has to offer at one these fancy restaurant terrasses! 

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Brunch Terrasses: 

1. H4C Place Saint Henri 

via @foodiesparc

538 Place St-Henri

H4C is a high-end eatery in the heart of Montreal's Saint Henri. This up-and-coming neighborhood is home to a lot of great restaurants, but if you're looking for some of the best brunch food you'll ever eat that you can enjoy on a sunny terrasse, this is the place for you. They serve dishes like Eggs Benedict with bacon and squash, creamy polenta ravioli, and pancakes with white chocolate!

2. Arts Cafe 

via @thisiswhywerefat

201 Avenue Fairmount O

This is one of my favourite brunch spots in Montreal, the indoor decor is adorable and their outdoor patio is super cute and cozy. They serve amazing brunch foods like breakfast poutine, cheese-stuffed french toast, and shakshuka! This place is a brunch-lovers dream.

3. Fabergé

via @ondejeune

25 Avenue Fairmount O

This is a classic Montreal brunch spot, and if you haven't tried it yet you've gotta get over there ASAP. They have the craziest brunch menu featuring dishes like PB&J french toast, fried chicken and waffles, and Mac and Cheese eggs benedict with jalepeno jelly! So amazing.

4. Arthur's Nosh Bar 

via @girlworldmtl

4621 Notre-Dame St W

This cute spot serves up Jewish classics for brunch. They have a good-sized patio and you can get some delicious dishes like shakshouka, steak and eggs, challah french toast and cottage cheese pancakes. Not to mention they have mimosas as well! Enjoy a boozy terrasse brunch here.

5. Les Fillettes 

via @isabertz

1226 Ave Van Horne

This is one of the fanciest terrasse restaurants that you can have brunch at. They serve brunch every Saturday and Sunday morning 3pm! Try their parisien gnocchi, eggs benedict or french toast. Don't forget to add a few mimosas to your order!

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Lunch Terrasses: 

1. Cafe Parvis 

via @daphnearchambault

433 Mayor St

This cute Montreal lunch spot is perfect for a fancy yet casual lunch with your friends. They serve lots of different kinds of pizzas, salads and a daily soup for their lunch menu. This spot has plants teeming the restaurant and they have a cozy outdoor terrasse in the summer!

2. BarBounya 

via @mayssamaha

If you're looking for a fancy place to bring a special someone, this is definitely the spot. They are a turkish inspired restaurant so they serve some classic turkish dishes with a sophisticated twist. They have some amazing dishes like fresh oysters, braised lamb, and turkish chili.

3. Icehouse 

via @foodiedatenight

51 Rue Roy E

This Plateau favourite has an amazing lunch menu. They're a tex-mex restaurant but that doesnt mean it's not fancy. Their food is seriously great, try their fried chicken, tacos, and lobster rolls!

4. Terrasse Bonsecours 

via @terrassesbonsecours

364 Rue de la Commune Est

Terrasse Bonsecours is known for it's crazy sangria flavours as well as their terrasse parties in the summer time. But they also serve some delicious food like seafood dishes such as cajun salmon and tuna lollipops or tons of different salads and meat dishes. Come to this spot for a classy lunch!

5. Joe Beef

via @djaisse

2491 Notre-Dame St W

Joe Beef is an all-time classic for fancy Montreal dining. There's a reason Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau decided to meet over lunch here! They serve various steak and seafood dishes, made impeccably of course. Enjoy a fancy lunch with your friends or family on their summer terrasse.

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Dinner Terrasses:

1. Boris Bistro

via @stacyflan

465 McGill St

This 18+ restaurant is a wine and cocktail bistro bar with some amazing dinner dishes. They have tons of options including lamb filet, halibut, and duck rissotto! They have a sunny outdoor terrasse fit with big white umbrellas, surrounded by trees, which gives it an intimate feel.

2. FoodLab 

via @alexanada

1201 St Laurent Blvd

On the top level of Montreal's Societe des arts et Technologie, there's a fine cuisine restaurant with an open rooftop terrasse right in the heart of downtown. They're open Tuesday-Saturday evenings only and make some unique dishes. You can order their snow crab, nordic shrimps, or their duck. Menus vary depending on the freshest ingredients available to them.

3. Brasserie T! 

via @robpetronetv

1425 Rue Jeanne-Mance

Right in the heart of Place-des-Arts, Brasserie T! is going to be the hottest patio to be on this summer. Place-des-Arts is the place where all Montreal's biggest festivals go down, so if you're able to snag a spot on this outdoor terrasse, you'll have the perfect view of all the crazy festivities. Try their steak tartar with frites, lamb burger or confit salmon!

4. Restaurant Laloux 

via @celina.ic

250 Pins Ave E

This fancy plateau restaurant is perfect to impress your friends and family at. All of their dishes are so photogenic you almost won't want to eat them. Try their veal filet, pan seared cod, or their seaweek gnocchi.

5. Grenade 

via @sharma1303

1603 Ontario St E

This is one of cutest patios in Montreal, for sure. They have twinkly lights all over, and it's nestled in the back of the restaurant so you'll feel secluded from the big city around you. They call themselves an "oriental snack bar" and you can try some seriously mouth-watering dishes like their tuna poke bowl, steamed bao bun sandwiches or the classic pad thai!

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