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Best Montreal Meals For Under $5

Or just a tiny bit more.
Best Montreal Meals For Under $5

Eating out can do a number on your bank account, but not if you're smart about it. Montreal, as a foodie city, has a number of eateries that serve delicious eats on the cheap, you just need to know where they are.

Because we love you, and want your belly and wallet to be full, we're giving you the rundown on some of the most affordable-y delicious places to eat in all of Montreal, all of which will satisfy any hunger pangs for only five dollars.

Read on, get hungry, and save some money.

Photo cred - Steve Snodgrass

Blanche Neige

5735 Cote-Des-Neiges

Starting your day on the cheap is incredibly easy at this CDN eatery, where tons of breakfast options only cost you about $3-$4. Heck, splurge a little bit and you can get (ham) steak and eggs for a only a bit over five bucks.

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1923 Sainte-Catherine

Are you vegetarian? Do you enjoy falafel? Are you a vegetarian who enjoys falafel that doesn't have much to spend? Nilufar's $1.29 falafel pita is your answer. All the meat-eaters will be glad to hear the resto's carnivorous pita options only cost a little more, all being priced around $3.

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Pot Masson

3141 Masson

One of the many $5-meal restaurants to pop in Montreal over the last few years (not that we're complaining), Pot Masson differentiaties themselves by offering affordable meals that are also quite refined and sophisticated. Even though you need to buy a drink (again, not that we're complaining), you can still get quality tartar, burgers, pizzas, and pastas for only $4.90.

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Patati Patata

4177 Saint-Laurent

There aren't enough wonderful things I can say about Patati Patata, it's that amazing. If I had to choose, though, the best part would be their incredibly affordable menu. Burgers at PP (tofu, fish, and beef) are only a little over $2, and while they're small, you can still get a couple and still be below budget. Many of their other options are similarly priced, making Patati Patata a cheap foodie-haven.

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Vua & Milani

1579 St. Denis & 227 Bernard

Bánh mì are like the Vietnamese answer to Subdway, expect way tastier. Basically a bánh mì is a just a sandwich, with some added flavour flair, like pickled carrots, coriander, and daikon. Both Vua and Milani serve up these sandwiches, both for around $3-$4, and trust me, a bánh mì will fill you up pretty well.

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1641 St. Denis

You can pretty much tell what Cinko is all about just by the name. If you aren't that clever, let me spell it out for you: the entire menu is only $5 per plate! At Cinko, that can get you tempura green bean poutine, fish and chip tacos, quinoa salad, or more standard fare like burgers and Portuguese chicken.

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Montreal Pool Room

1217 Saint-Laurent

In all honesty, you can go to many Montreal dives and grab a few steamies for under five dollars, but for the best you need to go to the place that started it all, namely the Montreal Pool Room. Sure, steamies may contain human DNA, but who cares, because they're crazy tasty. Plus the MTL Pool Room is open super later, and always has an eclectic cast of customers to creep while eating.

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L’Entrepôt Mont-Royal

1019 Mont-Royal

L’Entrepôt has become one of the new "it" spots on Mont-Royal for good reason, the resto-bar crafts delicious meals (and drinks) all for incredibly low prices, all set at $4.95. Note, that to enjoy a drink, you will need to get food, but when the menu is this cheap, you really can't complain.

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La Chilenita

130 Roy East

Otherwise known as the Empanada Empress of Montreal (at least to me), La Chilenita will fill you up with an assortment of perfectly baked empanadas, for only $2.75 each. Meat and veggie options are available, and feel free to get two and go a bit over budget, because empanadas.

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Super Sandwich

1115 Sherbrooke West

Hidden in the basement of the Le Cartier complex is the deli-dep Super Sandwich. No sandwich is priced above $4 and all are served on a warmed french bread roll, condiments included. A dollar will get you extra meat and its 50 cents for cheese, so a nice variety can be tasted while still being under five bucks. Great for McGill students or anyone looking for a fast and affordable sandwich.

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Guy-Concordia, Atwater, and Peel Stations

From savoury to sweet, Cocobun has you covered. With everything priced around $1-$2, you'll be wowed by the incredible selection, not to mention the intoxicating aroma that pervades every location. Cocobun makes for the perfect meal on the go, as they're all along the green line and have those delicious BBQ pork buns.

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34 Fairmount Avenue West

A Montreal institution for longer than most can remember, Wilenky's is a simple deli that does lunch right. Pretty much the entire menu is below $5, so choose what you like. First-timers need to order the Wilensky's special, though, because there's a reason Montrealers are in love with the sandwich.

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1409 Saint Marc

Anyone who goes to Concordia, or lives in the area, already loves Thali, and for good reason. Not only does the restaurant serve some of the tastiest Indian food in the city, they do so at a very affordable price. You can go basic and load up on samosas for $1 each, or 8 pakora for $4, but for those feeling a little hungrier can get a legit naan-wrap for only $5.50.

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102 Saint-Viateur West

A relatively new addition to the Mile End food scene, Farine is your affordable answer to authentically delicious Italian food. Focusing on smaller plates (rather than the classic "eat until you explode" Italian mentality), Farine serves weekly specials and salads for $4 and $5, respectively. For a dollar more, you can grab a slice of Farine's Rome-style pizza, which are well worth the minor splurge.

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TA Pies

4520 Parc

In Australia, hand pies are like poutine, the food you get when you need some serious comfort on the cheap. TA Pies has brought the Australian pie tradition to Montreal, with delicious results. Even Wolverine/Hugh Jackman thinks so, and he called TA the best pie place in the world. That's quite the claim from an actual Australian. Best of all, you can get a classic beef pie for a cool $5, and only a little more for the many other flavours TA Pie boasts.

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