15 Foods You Should Eat If You Want To Get Thin Fast

Not your standard fad diet.
15 Foods You Should Eat If You Want To Get Thin Fast

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In many cases, it’s not so much what you should eat to lose weight but rather what you should be avoiding. In recent studies by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that we are in fact eating less calories but we are still becoming obese. Many of the surrounding issues to this is the calorie content we are consuming and the lack of energy we are exerting are not going hand-in-hand. However, there are many ways to eat more and lose weight. It is merely understanding which foods promote weight-loss and how it aids you in losing weight quickly. Below are some of the key ingredients to have in your diet and if you stick to these foods you’ll be shedding the weight instantaneously.

1. Broccoli

Great source of fibre and will aid in the metabolization of foods. Broccoli is also a source of IC3, which actually suppresses the production of estrogen which encourages weight-loss in women.

2. Cucumber

Essentially composed of 80% water, acts like a diuretic, and aids in the breakdown of fat cells. Cucumbers also help eliminate excess fluids in the body promoting weight-loss. Bonus: Increased energy levels due to a compound called Tartrate acid.

3. Fish

Contains less saturated fat than other types of protein meats. It is low in calories per serving size compared to other lean meats such as turkey and chicken and also contains omega-3 fatty acids which the body cannot produce itself.

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4. Brown Rice

Relatively lower in energy density. Brown rice is lower in energy density because of the higher fibre content it contains; so it is able to fill you up with fewer calories.

5. Asparagus

A natural diuretic. Although this will make your pee stinky – asparagus is about 4 calories per spear. It contains no fat, no sodium but tons of vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium etc.

6. Lemon

Aids in digestion and cleans out the liver. Bonus: They boost the immune system because they are fight off viruses and bacteria.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Promotes fat loss and keeps appetite at bay. Bonus: It helps clear up skin.

8. Herbs & Spices

Boosts metabolism and immune system. Spices and herbs have also been linked to help significantly lower blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and increase glucose metabolism.

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9. Chili Peppers

Shown to increase the body’s heat production and oxygen consumption which means you are burning extra calories. Hot peppers are also rich with phytonutrients, they reduce inflammation, and are a great source of Vitamin K.

10. Spinach

Spinach helps promote weight-loss because of its health benefits. All around spinach (and other leafy greens) contain many vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Basically, spinach is a source of protein, calcium, vitamin C, antioxidants, vitamin E, lipoic acid, folic acid, lutein, and fibre. 1 cup of raw spinach is only 7 calories – which helps you feel full longer.

11. Green Beans

Known for its dietary fibre and mineral fluoride – green beans are great for munching on to lose unwanted pounds. They are also very low in calories and relatively inexpensive.

12. Ginger

Proven to assist in getting rid of belly fat because it stabilizes blood sugar, lipids, and cholesterol. However, simply consuming ginger won’t result in fat loss, an overall healthy lifestyle would need to be taken in effect.

13. Green Tea

Some studies show that an active ingredient called EGCG promotes weight loss. Green tea is also filled with antioxidants preventing cancer. Having a cup of decaffeinated green tea before bed will help you sleep better because it has a natural chemical called theanine which provides a calming effect on the body.

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14. Grapefruit

Proven to reduce insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone that regulates sugar in the body and an excess of insulin (or sugar) will lead to weight gain.

15. Flaxseed Oil

Known for preventing and fighting disease. Flaxseed oils contain fiber, omega-3-essential fatty acids, and reduces water retention.

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