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15 Hollywood Celebrities Filming Movies In Montreal This Summer

Keep your eyes peeled you may spot one of them around the city.
15 Hollywood Celebrities Filming Movies In Montreal This Summer

Listen up y'all, a few big motion pictures are set to film in Montreal this summer and that means plenty of celeb sightings! Some are already in production, so when you're downtown (especially in the Old Port) be alert and have your cell ready for potential selfies with the stars.

We've already walked in on a cast catering for the film Stonewall... yes that was quite embarrassing. Initially, we thought it was open auditions for extras, but as it turns out, the cast was already chosen and they were eating what was suppose to be my food.

All that aside, when you see big camera crews, please acknowledge that it's probably not be global news! It's likely a film set and you should get on that ASAP (but don't do anything too rash or you'll risk the wrath of their security).

We've already snagged some pictures of stud muffin Joseph Gordon Levitt but there are many celebs to be on the prowl for.

Here are some of the A-list actors that will be lurking in the shadows of our city:

1. Anne Hathaway

  • Filming "Interstellar", shooting starts August 6th

2. James Franco 

  • “The Little Prince”, production in Montreal starting July 25th

3. Rachael McAdams 

  • Voicing alongside James Franco in “The Little Prince”

4. Matthew McConaughey

  •  Co-staring Anne Hathaway in "Interstellar"

5. Joseph Gordon Levitt

  • Filming “To Reach the Clouds”,  filming in production – Old Port

6. Seth Rogan 

  • Performing at Just For Laughs, July 26th

7. Andy Samberg 

  • Performing at Just For Laughs, July 24th

8. Topher Grace  (That 70's show's Eric Forman)

  • Also starring in "Interstellar”

9. Julie Bowen (Modern Family Mama Dunphey)

  • Filming “The 10 O’clock People”, shooting starts end of June

10. Stephan King  (The infamous author of " Shawshank Redemption", “The Mist”, “The Green Mile” & “The Shining”)

  • Directing/starring in “The 10 O’clock People”

11. Jay Baruchel (Canadian actor, starred in "This is the End" & "The Sorcerer's Apprentice")

  • Co-starring  Julie Bowen in “The 10 O’clock People”

12. Jeff Bridges ("Iron Man" & "R.I.P.D")

  • Starring in “The Little Prince”

13. Johnathan Rhys Meyers (Played the sexy King Henry VIII in "The Tudors" & loving father in "August Rush")

  • Filming “Stonewall”,  filming in production – Old Port

14. Toby McGuire (Spider Man)

  • Filming “Pawn Sacrifice”, filming starts late summer

15. Jim Broadbent (For all the Harry Potter fans, the one and only Professor Slughorn)

  • Filming “Brooklyn”, the film is being wrapped up

Bonus #1 Robert Zemeckis (Directed “Back to the Future” & “Forrest Gump”) 

  • Directing “To Reach the Clouds”,  starring  Joseph Gordon Levitt 

Bonus #2 Roland Emmerich (Directed “The Day After Tomorrow” & “2012”)

  • Directing “Stonewall”, in production – Old Port

Click here to get more details about the movies set to film in Montreal this summer.

Will you be spotting these celebs?

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