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15 Hollywood Celebrities You Didn't Know Could Speak French

"Je te flouppe fli." -Joey
15 Hollywood Celebrities You Didn't Know Could Speak French

The other day we came across an interview with Emilia Clarke where she can be heard speaking French. 

We knew she spoke Dothraki and Ancient Valyrian, but French? It got us wondering whether there were more celebrities we didn't know about who could also speak la langue de Molière. 

It turns out there are quite a few:

1. Emilia Clarke

She may not exactly be fluent, but the few words she does attempt to pronounce were actually pretty good.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow can speak French pretty well, she even conducts interviews partly in French every once in a while.

3. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman freaked everyone out when he started speaking french during an interview for the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

4. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is actually pretty dang good at speaking French. He spent six months as an exchange student in France and his accent isn't half bad!

5. Elton John

It's unclear how or when the legendary Elton John learned how to speak French. Maybe he discovered what the rest of us knew already — that people who can speak French are automatically hotter.

6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Every '90s kid already knew J-Gords could speak French — it was a huge plot point in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You.

7. Justin Bieber

We love that even though Canada is bilingual, people are still amazed when a Canadian can speak French.

8. John Malkovich 

Of course he speaks French! there are a lot of things you can assume about John Malkovich just by looking at him. He probably has a fridge filled with rare cheeses, he most definitely owns at least one tiger and he's likely the leader of his own secret cult.

9. Emma Watson

As if you needed another reason to love her.

10. Tom Hiddleston

If you're going to be a good trickster god like Tom Hiddleston, you might as well know several languages.

11. Jennifer Lawrence 

Okay so J-Law's Russian accent in Red Sparrow wasn't the best — but her French isn't terrible!

12. J.K. Rowling

What's disturbing about this is that she knew exactly how weird the name "Hermione Granger" would sound in French, yet she kept the character name anyways.

13. Johnny Depp

We assume that's how he managed to catch the attention of Vanessa Paradis. Alternate theories include him saying "Hi, I'm Johnny Depp".

14. John Travolta

John Travolta can do more than just dance and sport creepy haircuts. He can actually speak French pretty well too.

15. Antoni Porowski

Antoni Porowski was actually born in Montreal. He studied at Concordia University and he grew up speaking Polish, English and French.

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