15 Incredible Cities You Can Travel To In The USA If You're Young, Broke And Restless

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15 Incredible Cities You Can Travel To In The USA If You're Young, Broke And Restless

There are so many amazing places to travel in Canada, but let's not forget all the amazing places that are just across the border from us. Our neighbours, the United States have some pretty unbelievable cities that really have so much to offer travellers!

If you want to explore the south and enjoy some classic southern comfort foods, there's a place for you! If you want to explore some gorgeous national parks with amazing nature, there's definitely a place for you! Or if you want to explore some cities with museums and classic city views you can bet there's some for you! Check out this list if you're looking to explore these amazing cities for cheap.

1. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Photograph by Michael Yamashita. @yamashitaphoto - Today we celebrate 100 years of @nationalparkservice: I photographed Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring in the USA, from a helicopter flying over Yellowstone National Park at noon after the morning burn off of fog. The world's first national park, #Yellowstone encompasses over 2.2 million acres of forest and remains one of the world's foremost wildlife sanctuaries. #NPS100 #NPS #nationalpark #grandprismaticspring @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety

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Cheapest Meal: $12.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $94/night

Cheapest Beer $3.62

Wow, just look at this place! That's one of the many gorgeous natural hot springs located in this National Park, and there's so much more to see as well! They have deep canyons, rushing geysers, rivers, and forest spanning the entire park.

You can also see some amazing animal species here including elk, bison, antelope, bears and many more! It's a cheap destination and will definitely take your breath away.

2. Yosemite National Park, California

Since the US #NationalParksService turns 100 today here's a #tbt to #YosemiteValley on the way back from #GlacierPoint ??? I still haven't even climbed there! (For shame, I know! ?) Just one more reason to go back...? March 26, 2016 #Yosemite #NPS100 #sheadventures #outdoorwomen @passionpassport #PPOpenSpaces

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Cheapest Meal: $12.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $80/night

Cheapest Beer: $4.00

Another gorgeous National Park located right in the amazing Sierra Nevada mountains of California! This park is famous for their giant sequoia trees and they really are breathtaking. You may have also heard of Tunnel View, the towering view of the gorgeous BridalVeil Falls, the El Capitan granite cliffs or the Half Dome. There's so much to see here!

3. Washington, D.C

| Bye DC , next stop : Philadelphia | . . . . . #potd #travel #usa #roadtrip #instatravel #igtravel #igptg #iqbe #planeteig08 #pligat #vscocam #instablogger #igmode #ootd #wiw #igers #igersbelgium #igdaily #summerig_

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Cheapest Meal: $15.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $112/night

Cheapest Beer: $6.00

Ah yes, we all know about Washington, D.C but I bet you didn't know that despite all it's fame, it's actually a very affordable place to visit! It's the capitol of the United States and home to the 3 branches of the federal government, the Capitol, the White House, and the Supreme Court. There's unlimited historical sites and museums to see here, you'll be struggling to pack it all in!

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

miss this city (brb)

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Cheapest Meal: $15.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $115/night

Cheapest Beer: $3.00

We've all heard of the amazing night life that is New Orleans. This city has an amazing amount of culture, mixing French, African, Spanish, and American heritages all in together. The history in this city is incredible and I encourage you to learn all about it while you're there. If you're looking for a crazy party you have to go during the famous Mardi Gras, held in late-winter. The city will be filled with colours, insane parades and parties going all night long!

5. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston colors ?

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Cheapest Meal: $10.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $129/night

Cheapest Beer: $4.00

If you're looking for that classic southern charm all packed into one city, you should definitely visit Charleston. It is filled with amazing things to see like Rainbow Row, pictured above. It features 13 colonial homes all painted different pastel colours!

You can visit their elegant French Quarter for a stroll down some classic streets, visit Fort Sumter where the fire shots signalling the Civil War rang out, or see the gorgeous Magnolia Plantation and Gardens with classic Charleston style brides and amazing nature!

6. Savannah, Georgia

the babe.

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Cheapest Meal: $15.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $119/night

Cheapest Beer: $4.00

This is a gorgeous city. It's separated from South Carolina with the flowing Savannah River and it's famous for it's amazing parks, horse-drawn carriages and stunning architecture. View the stunning red brick buildings of Factor's Row, home to the original Cotton Exchange, from the amazing Factor's Walk.

7. Nashville, Tennessee

Sunset over Nashville TN and the Cumberland River. This bridge crosses the river and joins Shelby Bottoms park with Two rivers park. This photo was show with the Sony A6300.

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Cheapest Meal: $12.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $109/night

Cheapest Beer: $4.00

Nashville is famous for it's country music scene, so if you not a country music fan this town might not be the ideal destination for you. If you are a country music fan, then you've come to the right place, you can visit the Country Music Hall of Fame or the Johnny Cash Museum! You can also walk across the gorgeous Two Rivers Greenway bridge during sunset for some amazing views.

8. San Antonio, Texas

#riverwalksanantonio #sanantonio. #menwhotravel #menwithstuff #menwithbeards #texas

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Cheapest Meal: $10.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $113/night

Cheapest Beer: $3.00

San Antonio is a classic Texas city with so much to see and do. Check out the San Antonio River Walk for a peaceful walk along this flowing water through the city, or take a ferry along it! Also visit the Tower of the Americas, which towers over top of the city.

9. Key West, Florida

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Cheapest Meal: $14.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $240/night

Cheapest Beer: $4.00

Key West is honestly a dream destination, with the sandy beaches, green palm trees, and adorable houses, it's so amazing. Little did we all know, it's cheap too! The only that might be a struggle is finding a cheap hotel, but don't give up hope, there's always ways to find affordable accommodations! Take a nice vacation to lay out on the beach and get your tan on, or snorkel in the clear blue waters.

10. Adirondack Mountains, New York

Our getaway before we go away ?

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Cheapest Meal: $15.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $109/night

Cheapest Beer: $4.00

Adirondack is home to the gorgeous Adirondack Mountains in their National Park. This place is expansive and filled with amazing nature for you to embrace and enjoy. There are hotel options here but if you want your visit to be even more cheap, pack a tent and camp out! There's amazing hiking trails, waterfalls and swimming holes as well.

11. Seattle, Washington

Last weeks sunrise at Kerry Park was crazy?

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Cheapest Meal: $13.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $109/night

Cheapest Beer: $5.00

This amazing west coast city is home to some seriously great sites. You should visit the classic Space Needle, the towering structure you see in the picture above. Or you can visit the Pike Place Market located right by Elliot Bay where they have a famers market, crafts market, and specialty foods! You definitely won't be disappointed with a visit to this cool city.

12. Portland, Oregon

#Portland #willamette #pdx #willamettedamnit #yesplease

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Cheapest Meal: $13.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $127/night

Cheapest Beer: $4.00

Portland is another west coast city, located very close to Seattle so if you want to combine a trip to Seattle and Portland, it's very easy to do. Visit the International Rose Test Garden, swim in the Willamette River by the Hawthorne Bridge or hike through Forest Park!

13. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

*somewhere in a bikini*

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Cheapest Meal: $12.00

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $55/night

Cheapest Beer: $3.00

Another amazing location in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach is super fun and cheap! There's some amazing hotel deals as well as cheap food and activities. Take a stroll along their beach front arcades and shops or just hang out in the sun for optimal chill times.

15. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Second stop Pittsburgh #north2south #Road_Trip

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Cheapest Meal: $14.50

Cheapest 3-Star Hotel: $123/night

Cheapest Beer: $3.25

This exciting city is located right at the junction of 3 rivers, making a gorgeous waterfront city! It has some amazing botanical gardens such as the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and some great museums such as the Carnegie Museum of Art. You won't be disappointed with this trip, that's for sure!

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