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15 Instagram Pictures Everyone Needs To Stop Posting Right Now

You know the kind of Instagram posts that make you wonder WTF was this person thinking?! Yeah, those ones. We all know how dumb these posts make us look, yet most of us are guilty of them. Now let's have a little laugh together and shake our heads in disbelief.

1. #newboots

She just wanted to show you her new boots, guys.

2. #bosslife

Watch and steering wheel close-up - classic. This guy is a boss at life, obviously.

Photo cred - Mind-fly

3. #freshmani

Female version of gentleman #2. This lady wanted to show you her fresh manicure, nothing else.

4. Random quote selfie

When a selfie's caption is really, really deep.


We're all better people thanks to Instagram inspirational quotes.

6. I woke up like this #nomakeup #nofilter

No, you did not wake up like this and you are obviously wearing makeup.

7. #travelessentials #packing #adiosbitchachos

Only took her 10 minutes to set it all up for this photoshoot. #priorities

Photo cred - Fluctuat

8. #YOLO

Her mom is so proud right now.

9. Take me back #needavacation #tbt

She just wants a vacation, duh. What did you guys think?! A bunch of pervs!

10. #Beastmode

No, more like regular human mode.

11. Killing it in the kitchen #topchef #ironchef

He sure did kill it... maybe needs a little more work to be a topchef. Just a little.

12. Car selfie

When you get in the car and think, "Wait a minute, I better let everyone know how good I look today before I put this thing in drive". Classic.

Photo cred - Nydailynews

13. Pretending to be asleep selfie

You totally took that pic yourself. You can't be sleeping.

14. Duckface selfie

No caption needed. You know who you are.

15. Business class selfie

I have enough money to travel in business class and everyone should know it.

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