15 Lowkey Dates To Bring Your Lit Date To This Spring In Montreal

For your next bae!
15 Lowkey Dates To Bring Your Lit Date To This Spring In Montreal

OK, so I have this conversation with my boyfriend almost EVERY weekend. Whenever we want to go out, we always have this problem of finding something lowkey to do. What I mean by this, is that we want to go to a new LIT restaurant or try an insane new activity where we don't have to try hard to look good and can just have fun. 

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I am positive that my boyfriend and I aren't the only ones... I mean, we all usually end up just going to do the same thing, but it gets pretty lame after awhile. So, to help us all out I have composed this list of A1 date ideas that are LOWKEY AF. 

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There is definently something on this list for everyone and for every occaison! Some are more pricey than others but I am positive that you will find the perfect date idea for your next outing!

1. Have a Lowkey Date At Kampai This Spring

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1628 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

Yes, the infamous neon-red light has made its way on the list! Now Kampai is legit my favorite place to go to for dinner and for a night out. You can dress it up or dress it down and you are guaranteed a chill night from the moment you walk in with your lit date. It's lowkey with pool tables and even fabulous food before the party starts!


2. Have A Lowkey Date At La Habanera This Spring

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1216 Union Ave

Alright, for a 514% lowkey night, you and your lit date really need to check out this Cuban restaurant in downtown Montreal. The food is BOMB, the decor has a modern twist, and their drinks are pretty insane! Plus, everyone wants a lowkey picture in front of the famous neon sign: all you need is love and mojitos.


3. Have A Lowkey Date At Le Berri Café This Spring

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426, Faillon E

For a lowkey coffee date with your special someone, I suggest checking out Le Berri Café! This rustic vibe is perfect for a nice warm cup of coffee over your latest stories to impress your date! It's lowkey in the sense that it isn't too busy and it's cute AF!


4. Have A Lowkey Date At Festin De Babette This Spring

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4085 Rue Saint Denis

For a gourmet brunch to really impress your LIT AF date, this is the place for you! They offer smoked salmon eggs benedict that are accompanied by a salad, scalloped potatoes, soup and chocolate mousse for those who just can’t get enough. The food is heavenly and you will be filled up ASAP!


5. Have A Lowkey Date By Swinging On The 21 Balançoires This Spring

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Spring is awesome for many reasons. Budding plants, beautiful sunshine, and the super fun 21 Balancoires exhibit that takes place in the Quartier Des Spectacles annually until the end of May! It's a lowkey date because you and your lit date can swing, talk, and walk around Quartier Des Spectacles where there are always fun things to do and try.

6. Have A Lowkey Date And Go Surfing This Spring

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Suite 01, 9520 Boulevard Leduc

Summer is never over! If you happen to be dating a Montrealer that just can't get enough of summer, I suggest heading to Oasis Surf if you want to celebrate the nice weather! It's honestly amazing and a great way to show your lit date that you have an adventurous side.


7. Have A Lowkey Date At Montreal's New Cafe-Bar This Spring

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4328 St Laurent Blvd

Bar Darling is hella lowkey and looks so LIT that you won't be able to resist not going there for drinks with your equally as amazing date whether it be coffee or beers. You can now have tequila at 1PM to start off your day and coffee at midnight to keep you up for a LIT AF night ahead at this amazing bar. So, forget about those average places that just serve dinner and then transform into a bar and check out Bar Darling!


 8. Have A Lowkey Date At The Food Truck Festival This Spring

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4141 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave

Starting on May 5th, every first Friday of the month will be met with dozens of food trucks next to the Olympic Stadium! So, instead of going to a random restaurant, you can bring your date to several in one day!


9. Have A Lowkey Date At Atwater Market This Spring

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You will be surprised on just how much time you can spend at Atwater Market, especially in the nice weather of spring! It is literally my happy place and they always have a lot of fresh food and activities that you and your lit date will never get bored. Plus, you can buy them beautiful flowers or great chocolate treats.

10. Have A Lowkey Date At All of Montreal's Museums This Spring

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You can never go wrong with a museum date, especially when there is Free Entrance To Over 30 Montreal Museums this spring! That means that you can check out ALL of Montreal's museums for free so your amazing date won't cost you a thing. I suggest making a cute goal with one another that you must see all the museums before summer ends!

11. Have A Lowkey Date At Allez Up This Spring

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1555 Rue St-Patrick

Head on down to Allez up for a rock climbing adventure this spring with that special someone! This is a perfect activity for those lowkey athletic Montreal dates that you really want to impress, and trust me it's so much fun! They have walk-ins every Sunday from 1-5PM!


12. Have A Lowkey Date At Le Ceramic Cafe This Spring

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4338 St Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2K8

If you want to spend spring by relaxing with that special someone, but you don't always have money to go to a spa, then head down to the Ceramic Cafe! You can enjoy a lovely painting experience with some coffee on a nice raining spring day. It's a great way to get to know that artsy and lit date of yours.


13. Have A Lowkey Date At Piknic Électronik This Spring

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Starting mid-May, Piknic Électronik is back and it's the perfect date for those LIT Montrealers who love being outdoors and surrounded by music and fellow lowkey people! It's a great way to show your date the fun side of you.

14. Have A Lowkey Date At The Botanical Gardens This Spring

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Witness the flowers budding with your lovely date over a nice picnic in the botanical gardens of Montreal. This is a great lowkey date for those photographers out there who want to get to know their superb date.

15. Have A Lowkey Date At Mount-Royal

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You can't go wrong with a typical Montreal date at the Mount-Royal look-out point! It's a great lowkey place to watch the sunset and to gaze at the stars... or your beautiful lit date!

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