15 Montreal Bars With The Cheapest Beer

Beer on a budget.
15 Montreal Bars With The Cheapest Beer

We ain't rich and neither are you, which is why we cling to a bar that is even remotely cheap. Normally we'd keep these spots to ourselves, but because we love y'all like a best friend, we thought we'd give a list of our favourite cheap bars in Montreal.

The list is far from definitive, as there are many watering holes in Montreal that serve cheap beers and drinks. Feel free to leave a comment with your favourite cheap spot and we'll add it to the list. Help us keep Montreal drunk on the cheap.

Read on for our list of Montreal's cheapest bars.

1. Grumpy's

  • $4 to $5 for most pints.

2. Gerts

  • $5 pints and changing drink deals for every day. McGill students need cheap drinks to alleviate study woes.

3. Le Belmont

  • On Thursdays: $3.50 beers.

4. Le Sainte-Élisabeth

  • During happy hour, get a pint for only $4-5, all higher end beers.

5. Dieu Du Ciel

  • $5.75-6.50 for a pint of craft beer, which is very cheap in terms of how good the quality of beer is.

6.Casa Del Popolo

  • During happy hour, $4 pints.

7. L'Gros Luxe

  • $5 for 26oz mug of beer.

8. Sports Station, Boite à Karaoke, Cock 'n Bull

  • $26 for a 120oz giant pitcher. No matter what the news has been saying, that's a damn good deal.

9. Mclean's Pub

  • World Cup Special: 10L tower of beer of Labatt for $60 (dayummmm).

10. Bar Au P'Tit Buck

  • $5 pint and $11 pitchers on select beers.

11. Crobar

  • $10 pitchers for hemp beer, which is still beer, so it counts.

12. TRH-Bar

  • $4 Pabst tall boys.

13. Foufounes Électriques

  • $5 pitchers on Tuesdays, $1.25 per beer night on Saturdays.

14. Cafe Campus

  • On Thursdays reload-able pints for $8 from 8:30-10pm, specials on Labatt ($2/$5) and mixed drinks ($4) all night.

15. Biftek

  • $10 pitchers.

Bonus #1 Korova

  • $5 for a Pabst Tall boy and shot of Jack Daniels, before midnight.

Bonus #2 The Park

  • Whatever cheap ass beer or wine you wanna get.

Bonus # 3 Mad Hatters

  • Thursday nights $1 beers, yes $1.

Where is your cheapest spot to drink?

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