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15 Montreal Bars You Should 100% Bring A First Date To

Because booze helps.
15 Montreal Bars You Should 100% Bring A First Date To

Bars are the perfect spots to have your dates at. Dimmed lighting, intimate ambiance, good music and delicious cocktails. It doesn't get any better than this in the dating department.

So I put together a list of best Montreal bars to bring your first date to. These are guaranteed to become your favourite places to have your romance blossom at.

Big in Japan

4175 Boul. St-Laurent

It's Montreal's "secret" bar that's hiding behind a mysterious red door. Dark ambiance, candles, unusual seating arrangement... can't go wrong with Big in Japan.


Mal Nécessaire

1106 B Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Mal Nécessaire is a stylish bar located in the underground of China Town. Exotic drinks and an overall great atmosphere await you.


Photo cred - boulevardstlaurent

Apt. 200

3643 Boul St-Laurent

This bar/club will make you feel like you're at a house party. It gets quite loud and busy after midnight, you've been warned.


La Distillerie

300, rue Ontario E.

La Distillerie is known for its broad variety of advanced drinks served in mason jars. They have a few locations around Montreal, so that's also quite convenient.



3424 Av du Parc

Beautiful wine bar with a more upscale vibe, great food and a solid drink menu. It's a no brainer.



425 Rue Mayor

Wine, cocktails and eclectic cuisine all under one roof. It's a popular spot for weekdays' 5 à 7. Bring your date here, you won't regret it.



111 Rue Saint Paul O

Slick, rustic space in the heart of Old Montreal. Drinks, oysters, charcuterie... isn't that all you need for a perfect date?


Photo cred - flyjin


417 Rue St. Pierre

It's a Japanese resto-bar that turns into a club later at night. Come for dinner and stay for the party - perfect date.



191 Rue Saint Paul O

Spanish tapas, red lights, cheap(ish) drinks, good location... you can't go wrong with Old Montreal's favourite bar.


Burgundy Lion

2496 Rue Notre-Dame O

For a more laid-back atmosphere, Burgundy Lion is your go-to spot. It has TVs, tap beer and even an indoor terrace.



3581 Boul St-Laurent

Cozy and intimate bar with cocktails, delicious bites and great brunches.


The Emerald

5295 Av du Parc

Get immersed into Havana Cuba pre-revolution era slash Ottoman Empire vibe. This unusual combination will make you forget that you're in Montreal. It's a definite must-visit.


Photo cred - viviengaumand

Mme Lee

151 Rue Ontario E

It's a hip cocktail bar located in Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles. The decor is very industrial and futuristic which makes for an interesting date environment.


Domion Square Tavern

1243 Rue Metcalfe

It's a great Downtown bar/food pub serving old-fashioned drinks and bites.



52 Rue Saint-Jacques

Cocktails, delicious bites, DJs, and parties. That's what Joverse is about. Does it sound like something you and your date will like? Then go for it!


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