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15 Montreal Drag Queen Superstars You Need To Follow On Instagram

Cause it's not always about RuPaul, ya know...
15 Montreal Drag Queen Superstars You Need To Follow On Instagram

Hey, Montreal squirrel-friends! It's already been an exciting week, hasn't it? 

We've got a new RuPaul's Drag Race show coming, Osheaga confirmed a stellar lineup it's almost National Alcoholics' Day St Patrick's Day! 

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You already know that I have a deep love for drag. I'm in such a great mood today, I wanted to share with you some incredibly talented drag performers of Montreal... because, as the great Kim Chi once said...

If you can name every single drag race queen but can’t name ten local queens in your hometown, you’re a drag race fan, not a drag fan.

November 5, 2017

Here are 15 drag queens that help make Montreal internationally known as the huge arts and entertainment metropolis it is.

Follow these queens on Instagram by clicking the posts below - I've also linked their Facebooks and available events in the paragraphs underneath!

Rita Baga

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Rita Baga is a force in the Montreal drag scene. She has produced and hosted some of the biggest drag events in town, and you can catch her performing all over the city. She is currently hosting MX Fierte's Drag Race Canada every Sunday night at Cabaret Mado's.

You can follow all ofRita Baga's events right here.

Rainbow Drag

Rainbow Drag is what fabulous gay dreams are made of. She is bright. She is colourful. She is a god damn professional. Seriously, I've been to her shows - which she produces herself - and they're nothing less than spectacular. I'm talking backup dancers, confetti explosions and killer choreography.

See what's hiding on the other side of the Rainbow, right here!

Ana LaSabrosa

Anaconda LaSabrosa is your glamorous latina punk rock trash queen - and she does it so well. Anaconda delivers a gender-bent drag style that has paved the way for unique drag artists, everywhere.

Keep up with Anaconda LaSabrosa right here.

Verona Verushka 

Verona Verushka is a major talent, guys. Seriously, I just saw this queen perform for the first time on Valentine's Day, and I was floored. The Verushka brand of drag is unique and absolutely required in our city. If her performances weren't enough to suck me into a dark little hole of admiration - the makeup skills behind this queen would do it. Someone give this queen a YouTube Channel, immediately!

Follow all things Verona Verushka right here.

Kitana Sweett

A no-brainer, Kitana Sweett is must-have for any Drag list. She is as sweet as her name suggests, and she is also one fierce ass bitch. Kitana had been hosting the Drag Race viewings for past seasons, her looks are always on point and she is easily one of the funniest comedians our city has to offer.

Kitana Sweett is celebrating her 10-year Drag Birthday with a brand new show on April 5.

Miss Butterfly

Miss Butterfly gorgeous creature is no stranger to Montreal's drag scene, and she has spread her fabulous wings all over North America! Miss Butterfly will captivate you, and leave wanting more every time. Only a few more shows in Mexico before we get this little butterfly back home!

Keep up with Miss Butterflyand all her events right here!

Barbada De Barbades 

Via Barbada Potvin

Your reigning MX Fiérte Montreal champion, Barbada De Barbades! This multi-faceted queen stole your hearts at last year's Fiéte Pride celebrations, and she's been going strong ever since! This spring, she's got a show that will tell the moving story of 6 goddesses and their quest to save humanity. This queen is not on Instagram.

Catch Barbada in all her glory at Colors, this April 13, 2018!

Zinc Ofax

Zinc Ofax is another newcomer here, but she has quickly made a name for herself. She's a tall, gorgeous animal with a deer-in-headlights beauty that is unmatched in Montreal.

Follow along as Zinc Ofax slowly takes over Montreal.

Wendy Warhol

Wendy Warhol is perfection. She is hyper-femininity, taken to the extreme, and multiplied by 10. Wendy Warhol is one of Montreal's many femme-queens that deserve their spot amongst our great drag alum. You can catch her performing often at both Cabaret Mado and Bar Cocktail!

You can follow Wendy Warhol right here.


Montreal's own international superstar! Lactatia is a queen most of you probably know already. She is Montreal's viral drag sensation - and at only 9-years old, she is already taking over the world! Lactatia has been in Teen Vogue, on Tosh.0 and was part of a surprise drag wedding at DragCon NYC!

Keep up with the fabulous Lactatia on all their adventures!

Connie Lingua

Founder of the icon alternative drag supergroup, The House of Laureen, Connie Lingua contributes amazing work to Montreal's drag community every time they step out the door. Connie Lingua will bring you some fierce Italiano fierce queen realness.

Stay in the know withConnie Lingua right here.

Aleera Verushka

Another Verushka girl on the list, Aleera is a top-notch beauty. They may be newcomers, but god damn - these Verushka queens have something special. This is art, high fashion and drag perfection all at once. I can't even deal.

You'll definitely want to follow Aleera Verushka, now.

Tracy Trash

Here we have a formidable Cabaret Mado's staple - Tracy Trash! I've been seeing Tracy at Mado's long before I was ever able to call Montreal a home. She was one of the first names that came to mind when thinking of the Montreal Drag scene.

Check outTracy Trash on Instagram!

Gisèle Lullaby

@giselesimembedded via

A queen with all the moves, Gisèle Lullaby is a choreography assassin on the stage. She is a resident performer at Cabaret Mado and her high energy on stage has claimed her a spot on this list.

Follow Gisèle Lullaby onsocial media and catch her at Cabaret Mado.

These 15 fabulous queens only scratch the surface of the Montreal drag scene. This list was in no way a ranking of who is the best or has the best make-up, or tightest tuck, or whatever type of ranking you'd like to think it is.

If Drag Race was a show based in Montreal, I'd say this would be a pretty incredible cast!

I will do another edition of this blog sometime. When I was writing this list I was overwhelmed by all the queens I wanted to include. So if I missed you - I apologize and please note that its nothing personal, you're all fabulous!

ALL of these queens bring something special to the Montreal drag table, and you ought to take a seat.

Get out. Support your local drag artists and have some fun!

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