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15 Montreal Places You Should Take Your Significant Other During The Holidays

Cute things to do this holi-bae season.
15 Montreal Places You Should Take Your Significant Other During The Holidays

Real talk: Winter is not the greatest season. You've got snow - which has a whole set of problems on its own - you've got cold, you've got to buy boots and hats and winter jackets... it's just not a good time, my friends. But you know what is awesome about Winter? The holidays. And if you have a significant other? OMG. The awesome factor just shot up by about 95%. A little lost about what to do during the holidays if you're in a relationship? Worry not. As always, I've got your back. Read on for 15 Montreal Places You Should Take Your Significant Other During The Holidays.

1. Visit the Défilé Des Rêves parade.

Which is like the Santa Claus parade, except at night. So, you know. A lot more magical and Get more information on their Facebook event

2. Bask in the beauty of the holidays and go to Complexe Desjardins.

Which will be turning into a glorious Christmas village over the holidays. So not only can you and your sweetheart be adorable, but you might even be able to get some of your Christmas shopping done. Check out more information here.

3. Strap on your ice skates and head to the Old Port.

Is there anything more romantic than skating up a storm while holding hands? Carving a heart into the ice with your skates as you perfectly silhouette in tandem, maybe. Or maybe just basking in the holiday glory at the Old Port's skating rink. Whatevs.

4. Watch some holiday fireworks while you're there.

Scratch that. Christmas fireworks while skating with your S/O is definitely the most romantic holiday thing you could possibly do, and thankfully, the Old Port has some of the most awesome holiday fireworks around. More information here.

5. Stroll through the Nutcracker Market.

Nothing puts you in the Christmas mood more than the Nutcracker market. You can even hold hands and be all adorable while soaking in the Christmas spirit. Win win, my friends. Check out more information here.

6. And then go and watch The Nutcracker for real.

First of all, it's a holiday classic. Second of all, it's the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in some holiday magic and get a little bit closer to bae. (I'm sure there's a ballet/bae pun somewhere here). Buy tickers here.

7. Discover the hidden truths about Christmas in Montreal.

Take the "Christmas Secrets Old Montreal" walking tour, and discover all there is to know about Christmas in Montreal. And get to know your date some more, too, while you're at it. More information here.

8. Immerse yourselves with light and sound at Luminotherapie.

Luminotherapie will be taking place this holiday season in the Quartier des Spectacles, and it's basically a way for you (and your sweetheart) to create light and sound and be part of a pretty cool experience. I know. It sounds romantic A.F. Check it out over here.

9. Take a romantic walk down St. Laurent street.

Which is festively lit up for the holidays, AKA the perfect spot for a romantic Christmas stroll.

10. Or Prince Arthur.

Which is turning into a haven for the holidays, and is probably the most perfect place to spend the day with your sweetheart. Picking a Christmas tree together, anyone?

11. Warm up together.

And by that I mean chill by one of the many outdoor warming stations that'll be around the Old Port.

12. Attend a Christmas concert.

For maximum holiday cheer. Also, it's pretty much a great excuse to cuddle up to your S/O while listening to a choir of talented people sing Silent Night. I don't think a better way to spend the holiday season exists. Check out more information over here.

13. Stroll through Parc La Fontaine.

In the Winter, Parc La Fontaine is a beautiful frozen tundra, complete with an adorable skating rink. Meaning you can trek through one of Montreal's most beautiful parks together and glide through some ice, all in the same day. The best part? It's close to La Banquise. Romantic holiday poutine, here we come.

14. Get cozy under the Northern Lights.

Or, you know, get cozy learning about the Northern Lights. The Planetarium's Aurorae exhibition aims to capture the beauty of the Northern Lights... it's up to you to capture the romance, though. More information here.

15. Treat your sweetheart to a sweet treat.

Because the holidays are a time for hot drinks, treat the hottie in your life to something nice. (Hint: I'm talking about hot chocolate). Don't want to visit one of Montreal's awesome spots for hot chocolate? No worries. Check out this list for some pretty cool recipes.

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