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15 Montreal Restaurants That Need To Have A Food Truck

We'd be in luck if we could buy these foods out of a truck.
15 Montreal Restaurants That Need To Have A Food Truck

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Montreal's food truck scene is amazing as it is, but we think it could be improved even further. Thankfully, aspiring food truckers needn't look any further than the city's equally incredible restaurant scene to find the next great mobile food spot. That's right--we've got some ideas about some of our favourite restaurants that we think would do just as well or better as food trucks. Here are 15 Montreal restaurants that NEED food trucks.

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3673 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

We could all use a little grease when we’re on the go. These yummy burgers have become some of our favourites in the city even just with their brick and mortar locations, but we’d love them even more if we could find them at random spots around the city. Their perfectly salted patties, tasty buns (not surprising given the name, but still worth noting), and free cheese make them an ideal candidate to be sold out of a truck.

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Various Locations

What’s the only thing better than a Creation? Easy—a Creation served out of a food truck. The delicious pitas filled with chicken, potatoes, eggplant, and more would surely be a hit with Montrealers as they’re out and about. Eating a huge pile of potatoes topped with a heap of their trademark garlic sauce without a table to sit at would probably be a little tricky, but we’re sure we could figure something out.

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5940 Avenue Victoria

We’ve already discussed how much we love the Ramen Burger they serve here, but we wish we didn’t have to trek all the way out to Cote-des-Neiges to get a taste of one. With a food truck, Montrealers from all neighbourhoods could take a bite of the crunchy noodle burger and juicy patty whenever they’d be lucky enough to have it parked near them. Eating one on the go might get a little messy, but our faces would be too covered in soy sauce for us to judge you.

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Chez Boris

5151 Avenue du Parc

The small size of the donuts served here makes them perfect for being sold out of a food truck, but it’s their delicious flavour that makes us long to be able to buy them around the city. The deep-frying operation that allows them to serve up each one fresh might be difficult to fit in a truck, but it’d be a challenge well worth taking on in the interest of bringing these delightful desserts around the city.

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El Rey del Taco

232 Rue Jean-Talon Est

We’ve written about how much we love the guacamole here, but it’s their tacos that we really wish we could get from a truck. Not that we don’t love making the trip out to Jean-Talon Market, but we wish we could have access to these little bites of Mexican food heaven all around the city. Whether they’re filled with yummy carnitas, savoury braised beef, or something totally different, they’re exactly what we need as we enjoy Montreal's beautiful streets in the summer.

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Various Locations

The golden arepas served here would surely be the next food truck hit. Montrealers around the city would swoon at the opportunity to chomp down on delicious pulled pork piled between two corn cakes baked to perfection as they walk down the city's sidewalks. Add a side of their yuca fries served with their famous green sauce, and you’ve got yourself the blockbuster food truck offering of the summer.

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L’Gros Luxe

3807 Rue St-Andre

Find us a more delicious sandwich in Montreal than the Poutine Grilled Cheese. We dare you. Give up? Good, than you can join us in reveling in how supremely awesome it would be to be able to grab one of these sublime sandwich sensations from a food truck. Don’t get us started on what it would be like if we could pair it with some avocado fries.

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Patati Patata

4177 Boulevard St-Laurent

We don’t always have a ton of cash in our pockets when we walk down the streets, and we wouldn’t need it if these guys had a food truck. Without forking over too much money, we could shove our faces with their delicious sliders and fries. The sandwiches are easy to hold in your hand, so they’d be perfect to pick up and walk around with.

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Snowdon Deli

5265 Boulevard Décarie

The smoked meat here has the perfect amount of fat on it, and that means that a sandwich piled high with one would be perfect for being offered at a food truck. Their juicy meat would be sure to have Montrealers forming huge lines wherever the Snowdon guys parked their truck. Trying to eat all of that meat on the go might make us get a little sloppy, but it’s a risk we’re willing to take.

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Aux Vivres

4631 Boulevard St-Laurent

Vegans should be able to enjoy food trucks too, and they’d certainly be able to do that if these guys had a truck. Of course, even people with no dietary restrictions whatsoever would clamour at the chance to be able to pick up a delicious Dragon Sandwich while they’re out and about. To be honest, we’re willing to do pretty much whatever it takes to put as much Dragon Sauce in our mouths as possible, but getting it from a food truck would certainly be fun.

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Lola Rosa

Various Locations

Like Aux Vivres, this restaurant is vegetarian, but herbivores and carnivores alike flock to it. They have tons of delicious offerings, but among our favourites is their one-of-a-kind Hempburger, which would also be perfect to be served out of a truck. Just imagine if you could follow it with one of their trademark fudge brownies—we’d be in food truck heaven.

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Dirty Dogs

25 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

We were lucky enough to recently get a brick and mortar location for these delicious dogs, but we’d feel even luckier if we could find a food truck with them. The thought of ordering a Ron Swanson piled high with juicy steak, crispy bacon, and topped off with a fried egg while walking down the street on a beautiful summer day makes our mouths water with delight. If we walked while we ate it, we could even start burning off some of the calories right away!

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Joe’s Panini

1404 Rue Drummond

These guys already do a good job of making their sandwiches accessible, since they’re open 24 hours a day, but they’d be even easier to find if they had a food truck roaming the streets of Montreal. It’s not like we need an excuse to pick up one of their famous Chicken Caesar sandwiches, but “happening” to walk past the truck would be the perfect one.

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Che Churro

6543 Avenue Somerled

Churros just might be the ideal food truck offering, because they’re tasty, sweet, and easy to eat on the go. Not only that, but these guys give you that classic churro taste you crave, making them a perfect choice to start serving their fried dough out of a truck. If you’re in the mood for something savoury, their empanadas are equally on point.

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Café Santropol

3990 Rue St-Urbain

These unique cream cheese sandwiches have earned quite a reputation with their brick and mortar location, and they’d surely make an equally large splash in the food truck scene. The gigantic concoctions might look a little big to fit in your mouth, but trust us, you can do it if you try. The streets of Montreal would be the perfect place to go at one with all you’ve got.

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