15 Montreal Restaurants To Go To For Breakfast, Brunch, And Or Lunch This Mother's Day

Treat your mom.
15 Montreal Restaurants To Go To For Breakfast, Brunch, And Or Lunch This Mother's Day

Well, friends, Mother's Day 2017 is officially going down on Sunday, May 14. Which might sound a little far away - it's kind of hard to believe we're already in May, to be honest - but in reality, it's not. It's super close, and coming closer and closer every day.

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Which basically means if you haven't planned anything for Mother's Day this year, you need to be getting on that, like, as soon as humanly possible. Don't get me wrong, no judgement if you've left things to the last minute... I mean, I have been in that boat too many times to count, friends. 

But it's just that you don't want to be left on Sunday morning with your mother not knowing WTF to do, calling places only to find out that everything is full. I don't want that to happen to you. Your mom doesn't want that to happen to you. You don't want that to happen to you.

Thankfully, if you're planning to treat mom to a special meal, then there are a whole bunch of places you can do just that in Montreal. I mean, let's be honest, the restaurant scene in the city is awesome - and Montreal's got tons of breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurants that are the perfect places to treat your mom this Mother's Day.

And if you don't even know where to begin looking for awesome Montreal restaurants, then don't worry. That's what I'm here for. Like I said, the city is legit full of amazing places where your mom will be impressed and feel super pampered; but a handful of spots truly stand out. 

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Breakfast Restaurants:

1. Lemeac

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1045 Avenue Laurier O

If your mom loves quality food in an elegent-yet-welcoming spot, then look no further than the Mile End's Lemeac to treat her on Mother's Day. As a bonus, the menu has something for everyone, whether you love French toast or omelettes.


2. La Societe

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1415 Mountain St

Honestly, the breakfasts here are on. point. With tons of drink and meal options to choose from, it's pretty much a guaruntee you and your mom will find a delicious breakfast to share; and for extra bonus points, this Mother's Day, La Societe is hosting an a la carte brunch starting at 8 AM!


3. Au Festin De Babette

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4085 St Denis St

What do you and your mom want? Crepes? Quiche? Yogurt? Everything and anything? Whatever you guys are in the mood for, this St. Denis Streeet restaurand has got you covered with delicious and fresh meals, sure to make anyone celebrating Mother's Day super thrilled.


4. L'Avenue

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922 Mont-Royal Ave E | 3612 Notre-Dame St W

Honestly, I love L'Avenue. And so does everyone else. There might be a lineup you've got to brave before being able to show your mom one of the top breakfast/brunch spots in the city, but trust, once you get in, you guys will have the time (and the meal!) of your lives.


5. Cafe Regine

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1840 Rue Beaubien E

A breakfast/brunch staple in Montreal, Cafe Regine makes delicious breakfast dishes that are always fresh and always high quality. Bonus points for their beautiful decor and super welcoming vibe.


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Brunch Restaurants:

1. Le Parloir

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4354 Ave Christophe-Colomb

This is technically a tea spot and not a brunch restaurant in the strictest sense; but they do sell afternoon tea, which consists of the tea of your choice, plus platters of homemade sweets, sandwiches, and finger foods. Trust, this will be an experience for you and your mom!


2. Salmigondis

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6896 St Dominique St

A more gourmet type of brunch spot in Montreal's Little Italy, Salmigondis is sure to impress. Their food is high quality and straight-up delicious, and honestly, if you're looking to impress and pamper your mom, you know where you gotta take her!


3. Maggie Oakes

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426 Place Jacques-Cartier

This Old Montreal restaurant is a staple for pretty much anyone who loves to brunch. Their classy vibe, plus delicious food, also happens to make it an awesome place to show your mom just how much you appreciate her!


4. Lawrence

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5201 St Laurent Blvd

Ah, Lawrence. This Mile End mainstay is known for serving up gourmet and hearty brunches, based on traditional English meals. So if your mom loves delicious food (of course she does!) and awesome spots, you know where to take her.


5. EAT

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901 Rue du Square-Victoria

Probably one of the most legit brunch experiences in the city, EAT is home to mindblasting decor, and even more mindblasting food. Their Mother's Day Brunch, going down on May 14th, is sure to be impressive AF!


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Lunch Restaurants:

1. Olive & Gourmando

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351 Saint-Paul St W

If you're looking for a light yet delicious lunch, there's no better spot than Olive et Gourmando. Specializing in things like sandwiches, salads and soups, the food here is high-quality and delicious, and makes the perfect pit stop in a day full of activities dedicated to your mom!


2. L'Express

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3927 St Denis St

TBH, I once went to L'Express and my life was changed forever. The food here is that good (with the beef tartare in particular being a highlight of my whole life). And who better to share a culinary experience with than your very own mom, and the day that's totally dedicated to her?


3. Barbounya

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234 Avenue Laurier O

This restaurant specializes in Turkish mezze, or small dishes, and is honestly one of the best places to take your mom out for lunch this Mother's Day. Enjoy super fresh and delicious dishes, like labne and octopus, all at this spot!


4. Terrasse Nelligan

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106 Saint-Paul St W

Honestly, there's no better way to spend Mother's Day than in the presence of your mom... and some good food, good drinks, and a gorgeous view of Montreal. And one of the best places to get all of that? Old Montreal's above and beyond gorgeous Terrasses Nelligan!


5. Ikanos

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112 McGill St

Does your mom love seafood? Then you totally have to take her to this downtown Montreal restaurant. A Greek/Mediterranean restaurant specializing in epic seafood, this spot is where you want to be to make sure your mom feels like the #1 person that she truly is!