15 Montreal Restaurants Your BFF Actually Wants You To Take Her To On Their Birthday

Keep your friends close but your food closer.
15 Montreal Restaurants Your BFF Actually Wants You To Take Her To On Their Birthday

When it's your BFF's birthday and you really want to impress them, there's no better way than by taking them to a great dinner! Montreal is home to multiple amazing restaurants but let's be real, not all of them are birthday material. So, I have composed a list of cute little restaurants that you can take your BFF too this summer for their birthday.

Not only does each restaurant below have their own specialties, but they also have a great atmosphere. These restaurants are perfect to treat you BFF to some delicious food and drinks. Your BFF will definitely love you even more after you take them to one of these restaurants. But I'm warning you, she might love the food more.

These restaurants can be classy and fancy or casual and sweet so get dressed up or be spontaneous and treat that brother from another mother! I can promise you that you guys will have a tasteful time.

1. Take Your BFF To Suite 701 For A Boozy Brunch

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701 Côte de la Place d’Armes

Suite 701 is honestly a perfect place for brunch as it is located right in the heart of Montreal! Not only do they have superb food, but they have amazing drinks. They offer a very impressive boozy brunch where you and your BFF can get tipsy at while enjoying some great eats and deep convos. They even have “Option Grande Soif”! A 2 hour open bar add-on option that is completely perfect for your BFFs birthday.


2. Take Your BFF To Jatoba For Dinner In A Garden

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1184 Place Phillips

Why not treat your BFF on their birthday to some Japanese delights while sitting in a beautiful garden terrasse! Jatoba is a great location for a birthday treat since it's classy with a garden twist. It's a great place to treat you BFF since you can enjoy fabulous food and a great ambiance.


3. Take Your BFF To Ceviches For Caribbean And Latin American Cuisine

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152 Napoleon

If you want to meet the masters of Caribbean And Latin American Cuisine, then Ceviches is the place for you! You can treat your BFF to some delicious traditional island food on her birthday to really make her day special. The food is absolutely magnificent and I can promise that you guys will have a tropical time.


4. Take Your BFF To Saint Sushi Bar For Well Sushi

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424 Avenue Duluth E

If your BFF loves sushi, then treat her to Saint Sushi on her birthday for some impeccable sushi! They offer high quality sushi that doesn't only taste good but that is fun to look at. Their dishes are colorful and tastful so you and your BFF will have a very satisfying time!


5. Take Your BFF To Modavie For A Wine Night

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1 Rue Saint Paul O

Modavie is a fantastic place to take your BFF on their Birthday! They have a great wine bar with live jazz music and food will make your taste buds want more. They have gourmet burgers, mussels and fries, and perfectly cooked steaks which all tastes delicious with a nice glass of wine. This is the perfect place for a wine night with your BFF.


6. Take Your BFF To Douro For Portuguese Food

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6518 Boul St-Laurent

If you want to share your Portuguese culture with your BFF, or if you just love that great Portuguese chicken, then Douro is the place to take your BFF on her birthday. Share with her some authentic Portuguese delights such as their decadent chicken and fabulous rice!


7. Take Your BFF To La Fonderie For Fondue

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964 Rue Rachel E

If you and your BFF happen to love the Plateau area, then whi not take your BFF out for some cheesy goodness at La Fonderie. They have great cheesy fondue such as Swiss cheese and Fondue Bourguignonne that you and your BFF can share. This is a great birthday treat that I promise your cheese loving BFF will love.


8. Take Your BFF To Lucille’s Oyster Dive For Seafood

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5626 Monkland

For that seafood loving BFF, I suggest treating them out to Lucille’s Oyster Dive. This can be a little pricey but it's your BFF's birthday so why not! They specialize in their yummy oysters! But if oysters aren't your thing, don't worry! They have great crab and lobster as well. This restaurant is so popular that they even made food trucks!


9. Take Your BFF To Terrasse Nelligan For Food And A View

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106 Rue Saint Paul O

If you really want to treat your BFF to a great time, I strongly recommend checking out Terrasse Nelligan. Terrasse Nelligan is honestly one of my favorite places to eat! The reasons being is because they offer amazing food such as their great fish tacos, and they have a complete view of old Montreal. At one end you can see the Basilica and at the over the water front! It is a gorgeous place to treat your BFF to on her birthday. They even have great drinks!


10. Take Your BFF To Fortune For Tacos

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6448 Boul St-Laurent

Fortune makes the funkiest tacos in town that are perfect to treat your BFF to on their birthday. They have beer tacos! Like common where else can you get beer tacos! This is a a great place to take your BFF too for a cute little lunch on their birthday to prepare them for the night ahead.


11. Take Your BFF To Bevo For Italian Food

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410 St Vincent St

I honestly love going to Bevo and it's my number one place to treat my BFF to for their birthday. Bevo serve great Italian food especially coming from an Italian myself. Their pizza is thin and super crispy and their pastas are very unique and flavorful. It's a great place to dress up and have great food and drinks with your BFF.


12. Take Your BFF To Cacao 70 For A Chocolaty Desert

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3485 Av du Parc

For some chocolaty goodness, I recommend treating your BFF to a great desert from Cacao 70! They have Nutella marshmallow pizza, chocolate fondue, and so much more. It's a great way to show your BFF some love on her birthday.

13. Take Your BFF To La Champagnerie For Champagne

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343 Rue Saint Paul Est

You could also head out to Montreal’s first and only Champagne Bar of Montreal, La Champagnerie! There is no better way to have a fancy weekend than with some fancy champagne. So have your BFF blow up in excitement as she pops those champagne bottles. With their diverse menu that changes regularly, your BFF can enjoy a variety of food. Get on that bubbly ASAP.


14. Take Your BFF To Deville For Burgers And A Fish Bowl

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1425 Rue Stanley

If you love some awesome burgers and some even more delicious and larger than life drinks, I suggest treating your BFF to Deville! Deville is a great restaurants where you can dress up a little and enjoy from great eats. They have there amazing fish bowl drinks that are perfect for you and your BFF to share on their birthday. They food is equally as good as their drinks and you must have treat her to some doughnut balls!


15. Take Your BFF To La Belle Et La Boeuf For Sangria

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1620 Rue Ste-Catherine O

For some colorful, fun, and unique sangria, I recommend treat your BFF to La Belle Et La Boeuf on her birthday. They have over 8 flavours of sangria including my personal favourite called Lola. Just kast weekend I brough my BFF there fir some Mac and Cheese and sangria! It was to die for!


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