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15 Montreal Seafood Restaurants You Need To Go To ASAP That Will Blow You Away

Just keep swimming, just keep eating.
15 Montreal Seafood Restaurants You Need To Go To ASAP That Will Blow You Away

Ah yes, seafood is the one type of food where you absolutely have to pick the perfect restaurant! Well, luckily for you, Montreal is home to several amazing seafood restaurants that are absolutely insane!

Not only do they serve superb dishes that will actually blow your mind, but they all also have a great ambiance! I can guarantee that you won't only fall in love with all this amazing seafood, but you will also fall in love with restaurants!

1. Swim Over To Lucille's Oyster Dive

A photo posted by Constantine Giavos (@giavos) on

5626 Av de Monkland

Ah yes, Lucille's is best known for their superb PEI oysters and mussels! They are absolutely delicious and it is truly seafood heaven. I strongly recommend checking them out with a hot date since it's classy, gourmet, and a good time! I mean who doesn't love seafood at a classy AF restaurant?


2. Swim Over To Maestro SVP

A photo posted by Bessy Deros (@bessyderos) on

3615 Boul St-Laurent

SVP bring me to Maestros SVP! Their platters of scallops, shrimps, oysters, and much more are honestly to die for! First of all, their plates are absolutely huge! You don;t just get a shrimp, you get a pile of them! Their dishes are always served fresh and fishy!


3. Swim Over To Captain's Boil

A photo posted by Katrina Ellaine (@kellaine) on

1836 Rue Sainte-Catherine

For a truly unique experience and extraordinaire flavors then you must try Captain's Broil! This is how it works; first you choose your catch, then you choose your flavor, and then you choose your heat! This is a 70s inspired Asian Fishermen restaurant that serves crawfish boil with an enhanced the recipe. They added Asian aromatics to the boil - lemon grass, ginger - serving it with garlic butter and a blend of Asian spices.


4. Swim Over To Comptoir 21

A photo posted by Maude Pellerin ☯ 21 (@mauudep) on

21 Rue Saint Viateur O

For some authentic fish and chips when you are on the go or just want to end the day right, then Comptoir 21 is the place for you! At this quick to eat little restaurant, you can choose to top off your fish and chips with some spicy jalapenos and much more! So, get swimming over to Comptoir 21.


5. Swim Over To Notkins

A photo posted by Munchreall (@munchreall) on

1101 Rue de Bleury

If you know of a person who just adores seafood and a fun time, then Notkins is the place for you to treat that special someone! They have a great ambiance where you can be casually or fancy and they have just the tastiest seafood platters! They have kale and oyster caesar salad, lobster hamburgers, and even scallop crudo.


6. Swim Over To Ikanos

A photo posted by Les petites manies (@lespetitesmanies) on

112 Rue McGill

Not only is Ikanos a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant, it's truly a restaurant from out of this world! The specialize in the most delightful savoury seafood dishes! For example, they have scallops seared with a salsa made of apricot and capers, a red mullet dish with prosciutto and red wine sauce, and a lot more.They really spice and flavour things up!


7. Swim Over To Chez Delmo

A photo posted by Steve (@stevegalluccio) on

275 Rue Notre-Dame O

Ok, if you have a lobster obsession like I do, then you HAVE to go to Chez Delmo. Their menu is lobster lover heaven! They’ve got lobster rolls, lobster salad, Lobster Newberg, Lobster Thermidor, and a crap load of more lobster inspired dishes.


8. Swim Over To Ossiano

A photo posted by West-Island of Montreal (@whats.up.west.island) on

16977 Route Transcanadienne

For an impressive restaurant that serves even more impressive dishes, you must go to Ossiano! This restaurant specializes in fresh fish seasoned to perfection. They are located in Montreal's West Island and you honest feel like royalty eating here! The decor is classy and you might even love it so much to have your wedding there!


9. Swim Over To EAT être avec toi

A photo posted by Tara M (@tarakatem) on

901 Rue du Square-Victoria

For a mountain of seafood that will 100% fill you up, I suggest heading to EAT être avec toi located in the W Hotel. Not only can you go there for a great dinner, but you can also go there for breakfast if you love seafood because they serve a “Lobster Benedictine”. This restaurant is seriously super trendy and you are guaranteed to have a lovely time!


10. Swim Over To Ferreira

A photo posted by Deena Smith (@deenasmith) on

1446 Rue Peel

Ah yes, if you happen to love rice just as much as you love seafood, then I suggest heading to Ferreira! All their seafood comes with delicious flavourful ride! They offer lobster pappardelle with chourico, fried calamari, and grilled octopus. You honestly need to get here ASAP for a seafood meal that ia A+!


11. Swim Over To Milos

A photo posted by @bj.sheng82 on

5357 Av du Parc

For a true culinary experience with gourmet fish food, then Milos is the place to be! They serve fine to dine seafood platters that include octopus, carabinieros, and a raw bar featuring tuna sashimi and of course fresh AF lobster. This Greek restaurant is definitely on my restaurant bucket list!


12. Swim Over To Restaurant La Vague

A photo posted by Restaurant La Vague (@restaurant_la_vague) on

3604 Rue Notre-Dame O

This restaurant channels their roots in Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean cuisine by having two extraordinary chefs, Chefs Cao & Chang. They specialize in traditions of French & Asian cuisine that you will absolutely fall in love with. You can even bring your own wine and dine on some fresh seafood!


13. Swim Over To Faros Restaurant

A photo posted by @gastronogram_ on

362 Avenue Fairmount O

For a vast variety of well-deserved seafood, I strongly recommend heading to Faros! Faros is a great little Greek restaurant where you can enjoy the simple delights of a fresh seafood dish! They have a great menu that includes Black Sea Bass, Pompans, Mediterranean Bas, Jumbo Deep Sea Nova Scotia Lobster, and much more!


14. Swim Over To Rib'N Reef Steakhouse Restaurant

A photo posted by Rib 'N Reef Steakhouse (@ribnreef) on

8105 Boulevard Décarie

For fish imported from all around the world for that gourmet and extra fresh flavor, then this is the place for you! Their fish are never frozen so you know that what you are eating is right off the boat! You should also come here if you are a steak lover!


15. Swim Over To Le Filet

A photo posted by Justine (@justinemoras) on

219, ave. Mont-Royal Ouest

This Plateau restaurant is insanely good and perfect for a cute little date! Their menu is full od fishy treats that you will definitely love! They serve tuna tartare with nori tempura, scampi risotto featuring mascarpone, and much more!


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