15 Montreal Sidewalk Sales You Can Attend With Your Friends This Summer

Prepare for live music, food, and good times.
15 Montreal Sidewalk Sales You Can Attend With Your Friends This Summer

I don't think I'm alone when I say that summer in Montreal is pretty much the best season. It's not so much the weather (but let's be honest, a big part of it is the weather)... it's more like a combination of everything.

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So what is it that makes summer in Montreal pretty much a paradise for everyone and anyone? Well, lots of things! The weather (like I said, it's a huge part of what makes summer in Montreal so amazing!), the vibes, the events, the spots, and the sheer amount of fun things there are to do in Montreal make this city the place to be when the sun comes out and the temperature rises.

While it's true that we have a whole bunch of really fun events going on in the city, like outdoor concerts, music fests, food festivals, concerts, and more, one of my own personal favourite things to do is to chill, shop, enjoy live music, and food.

And one of the most fun events that combine all of these things - and more? Sidewalk sales, of course!

There are tons of sidewalk sales and street closures happening in Montreal this summer. Some are recurring - meaning they happen every year - and some are just starting off this year. Either way, they all promise to be a blast, so prepare for a super fun time no matter where you decide to go!

Oh, and PS, don't forget that the streets mentioned in this list will be closed to traffic during the sidewalk sales/fairs, so leave the car behind and walk these sales!

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May 26 to 27 - St. Denis Street/Quartier Latin Terrasse Season Celebration

May 26 to 29 - Promenade Masson Sidewalk Sale

June 1 to 7 - Mont Royal Street Sidewalk Sale

June 2 to 5 - Promenade Ontario Sidewalk Sale

June 8 to11 - Promenade Wellington Sidewalk Sale

June 9 to 11 - Crescent Street Grand Prix Celebration

June 10 to 12- Little Italy Grand Prix Celebration

June 16 to 19 - Promenade Fleury Sidewalk Sale

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July 6 to 10 - Plaza St. Hubert Sidewalk Sale

July 14 to 16 - St. Catherine Street Sidewalk Sale

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August 5 to 14 - Little Italy Italian Week

August 18 to 21 - Plaza St. Hubert Sidewalk Sale

August 25 to 28 - Promenade Masson Sidewalk Sale

August 25 to 28 - Mont Royal Reappropriation Urbaine

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