15 Montreal Squirrels Who Just Don't Give A Fvck

Who run the world? Squirrels.
15 Montreal Squirrels Who Just Don't Give A Fvck

Anyone who's ever spent more than five minutes in Montreal knows that the squirrels are a problem. Seriously, you can't even walk through Park La Fontaine without feeling like you're being tracked. And maybe it's just me, but if we had to predict what animal would ever take over the world, I'm putting my money on squirrels - there's nothing positive going on behind those beady little eyes.

The ridiculousness of these rodents has been caught on camera time after time, because, let's be honest, they just don't stop. Here's a compilation of 15 Montreal squirrels who couldn't give less of a fvck.

1. These squirrels thinking they can snag some food by blending in with the pigeons...selfish much?

2. And is this guy a model? Easy, breezy, beautiful, Cover Squirrel.

3. Well this is just straight up nuts.

4. Dog: terrified. Squirrel: plotting world domination.

Photo Cred - Davy Bright

5. "Take one more step and I will cut you."

6. He does realize that cats can kill him, right?

7. Okay this is just ridiculous. I mean, he's trying to CLIMB A PERSON.

8. Pretty ambitious, but maybe he should try some training wheels first?

9. This seems like a perfectly safe and convenient place to take a nap.

Photo Cred - loristhms

10. There is such a thing as personal space, and this squirrel just violated it.

11. Jehovah's Witness at the door? Nope, just your friendly neighbourhood squirrel.

12. "Excuse me Ma'am, but you're going to have to move."

13. "Aaaand I'll be having that, thank you." Man, these squirrels are bold.

14. Is it still considered breaking and entering if it's done by a rodent?

Photo Cred - The Photography Fix

15. And finally, this has to be a squirrel, right!? Because no human in their right mind would ever get that close to an actual, wild raccoon.

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