15 Montreal Style Bloggers You Should Already Be Following

More people for you to Twitter/Insta/Facebook stalk.

Photo cred - I Like I Wear

This week may mark the official beginning of fall, but this is the time of year when Montreal bounces between being freezing cold in the morning, to being mind-numbingly hot at noon, and then back to freezing cold after the sun goes down. It's like someone attached a yo-yo to nature's thermostat. When you wake up everyday not knowing what the weather's going to be like, there's one question on your mind: what am I going to wear today?

Don;t worry, we got you covered (unlike that sweater you just took off).

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Photo cred- LINE VANILLE.


Casual, sexy, and feminine with a unique edge. Line V. claims in her bio to be from Tahiti and France, but she's clearly actually from Model-land, a country whose denizens are blessed with mile long legs, perfect brows, and the glossiest hair I have ever seen.

Lookbook - linevanille

Naomi Larocque

Adorable, colourful, and delightfully devoted to fashion. You see, it would take several lifetimes and an Apocalypse scenario where every other pair of pants on Earth has been destroyed before I will even consider putting on harem pants. Yet Naomi Larocque can pair it with fuchsia lipstick and a hair-bow and the ensemble will turn out to be completely flattering (???). It amazes me.

Instagram - @fashionismyreligion1

Candice Patin

Sophisticated, minimalist, and looks a bit like an European spy undercover as a classy millionaire. Candice Patin initially ran a fashion blog called Montreal in Fashion (now closed down). She just launched her new website, I LIKE I WEAR, which covers the higher end of the fashion spectrum.

Instagram - @ilike.iwear

Taylin Elisa Yasmin Katharina

Trendy, bold, and glamorously trashy in a way that only cool kids can pull off. She describes herself as a wild child, which sounds about right.

Lookbook - taylin


Okay, so Nicola Storey isn't exactly an outfit-of-the-day style blogger for herself, but she has a knack for capturing striking portraits of other people. Check out her website for her photoshoots for IX Daily, or her work as an avant-garde stylist.

As an aside, I met her outside the MTL Blog office, which is connected to Saint Woods. Can vouch that she is a very sweet person who smokes cigarettes with extreme panache. Very cool.

Twitter - @shortStorey

Gaelle Leroyer

Chic, chic, and chic again. Gaelle Leroyer is technically based in Sherbrooke, but close enough, right? As a street style blogger, she mostly takes photos of other people during festivals (check out her Osheaga series, right now)

Twitter - @GaelleLeroyer

William Garabito

Fancy, sporty, and is like that one friend of yours who's cooler than you at everything, but you love them anyways. Will Garabito is also an editor for the fashion and lifestyle site auxjourlesjours, in addition to attending LaSalle College. Making the rest of us look like underachievers, thanks.

Instagram - @magazineboy

Sophie BT

Fresh-faced, girly, and the sort of person whom you wish were your BFF so she can come along on your next shopping trip. "But sweetie, do you really need another plaid overshirt?" she would ask gently (and in French), and then she would steer you towards a rack of flattering cardigans that are soft and fuzzy and make your eye colour pop. In my slightly creepy imagined scenario, these cardigans would also be on sale, because I'm hella cheap even when daydreaming.

...anyways, you can also find Sophie BT at her site, Total Velours.

Twitter- @SophieBT

Photo credit - hey dahye


Fashion forward, urban, and minimal without being overly simple. It's harder than you think it is to pull off. She claims to be attending CEGEP, and that she could only stay at New York Fashion Week for a weekend "because of school". I have skipped entire days because I didn't feel like walking uphill, and she left NYFW.

Instagram - @heydahye


Hip, street, and has an instagram filled with pictures of him working out. Even when I first saw him on OOTDMontreal, I said to myself: "this guy definitely has an instagram filled with pictures of him working out."...and I was right.

It's really hard work being looking like a smouldering male model with an impeccable dress sense all the time, alright?

Instagram - @lucho.calderon

Chloe Caristan

Flawless, monochrome, and starkly geometric (this made more sense inside my head). For some reason, I think her photos look the most like paparazzi pics of a celebrity? This is the epitome of I'm not a model, the camera just went off. Almost way too sultry to be a real person, but she runs a OOTD-site called babes in velvet, so I'm conceding she's a real human for now.

Instagram - @babesinvelvet


Laid-back, chill, looks like a punk rocker who just came back from a soul-searching journey in Japan. She co-runs babes in velvet.

Side note: I love her laser-precise lipstick application, SO GOOD.

Instagram - @babesinvelvet

Photo credit - ootdmontreal

Patrick Gagné

Thoughtful, vivid, and overall a very dapper gentleman. Patrick Gagné also runs the menswear site Oh My Menswear. He likes suits and polos with geometric patterns, which requires a fashion knowledge level of 1000+ in order to pull off, and he runs the best collection of cool Montreal outfits through the OOTDMontreal (to whom you should all totally tweet/instagram your fresh-est outfits, alright?)

Twitter - @OOTDmontreal

Sophie C.

Preppy, cute, looks like a twenty-something CEO of a creative firm in a glitzy Sofie Coppola movie. I know nothing about business or about what CEOs actually do, but I imagine her dramatically sliding out of black cars, one hand holding a cellphone, and the other one pointing at a stretch of land. "See? That's where we're building my future business buildings," she announces triumphantly, "...for business."

Also, find her at her blog at sophiesticated.

Lookbook - sophiesticated

Katia Nikolajew

Eccentric, boho, high fashion meets Burning Man. Easy to point out the blue lips, but I think her immaculate eyebrows are an even better indication of personal style. If you don't think she chose her brows just as carefully as she did her hats or her ombre hair, then you don't deserve to know what the words "strong eyebrow game" even mean. Katia Nikolajew also has her own clothing store at Bewolf, if you like her style.

Instagram - @bewolffashion

(Bonus) Camille DG

Late addition, but I can't resist squeezing one last one in. Camille DG is bold, classic, and eye-catching. She's talented as hell, and runs the french fashion website Le Cahier. Also in possession of the best bone structure in Montreal, y/y?

Instagram - camille_dg

If you're also a weirdo about Montreal culture and humour, find Sijia on Twitter (@chuffystilton) or on her tumblr.

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