15 Montreal Terrasses You Need To Go To For Margaritas, Mojitos, And Sangria This Summer

Delicious drinks, beautiful views, and fun vibes!
15 Montreal Terrasses You Need To Go To For Margaritas, Mojitos, And Sangria This Summer

Ah, summer. I don't know about you guys, but personally, I truly believe there's no better time in Montreal than summertime.

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I'm pretty sure I've said it a thousand times at this point, but I really feel the need to drive the point home. There is no better Montreal than Montreal in the summer! 

Honestly, when the sun comes out and the grass gets green, that's when the city truly comes alive. Not only are the people happier, and not only are the vibes about 100 times more chill, but events go down in the summer in Montreal all the time. We've got music festivals and food festivals; outdoor activities and indoor events; movies filming in the streets; borough celebrations; sidewalk sales; and all in all, a fun time for everyone!

But there are also the smaller things that happen in the city that are just as fun as the events.

Like, for example, taking a walk down Montreal's Sainte-Catherine Street, under the colourful Aires Libres installation, or grabbing a drink at Montreal's outdoor beer garden. Chilling in one of the city's tons of parks is always a good idea, too, just like taking a bike ride near the Lachine Canal or jogging through Mount-Royal.

But one of my all-time fave summer activities?

Drinking on a terrasse.

In Montreal, we've got tons of awesome spots that serve delicious drinks, and tons of amazing terrasses. A select few combine both features seamlessly, though, meaning you can enjoy your fave summer drink soaking in the good vibes!

Mojitos 🍹

Sangria 🥂

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Margaritas 🍻:

Pub BreWskey 

via @pubbrewskey

380 St Paul St E

If you're looking for a super chill spot that serves delicious margaritas on a gorgeous terrasse, then look no further than this St. Paul Street pub!


Ta Chido

via @snoelcameron

5611 Park Ave

A Mexican snack bar right on Park known for some seriously delicious eats, the margaritas here are just as awesome as their food. Bonus points for their super cute outdoor seating area, too.



via @nadeaupenn

101 Avenue Fairmount O

If you're looking for awesome tacos and drinks right in the heart of the Mile End, and a wonderful outdoor spot to enjoy them, then look no further than this well-loved Mexican food spot.



via @restaurantemilianos

260 Notre-Dame St W

A fun and classy spot to enjoy some seriously delicious Mexican dishes, this Old Montreal restaurant has it all - including beyond delicious margaritas, and exterior space to enjoy it all!


Los Planes Gourmet

via @avissch

4115 St Denis St

Looking for traditional and delicious Mexican dishes, awesome drinks, and a beautiful terrasse? Well, friends, then this St. Denis spot will absolutely impress and delight you.


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Mojitos 🍹:

Barraca Rhumerie 

via @avenuemontroyal

1134 Mont-Royal Ave E

Pretty much one of the best spots in the whole city to get any rum-based drink (including mojitos!), Barraca also gets tons and tons of bonus points for their incredible terrasse.



via @sam_lacroix

4621 St Denis St

A super chill tapas bar located on St. Denis Street, Sorocco is home to one seriously relaxing terrasse, plus delicious foods and drinks!


Taza Flores

via @nadinemathurin

5375 Park Ave

Honestly, this Mile End spot is amazing. It's been around for more than a decade, and hosts flamenco nights every week. Plus their food, drinks, and terrasse are all. On. Point.


Jardin Nelson

via @melanie.leah

407 Place Jacques-Cartier

If you want to enjoy delicious drinks in a beautiful outdoor terrasse/garden setting, then look no further than this super popular Montreal spot.


Bonus: Agrikol

via @agrikol_mtl

844 Amherst St

Honestly, this Haitian restaurant is pure bae. Their food is delicious, and their terrasse is some kind of beautiful hidden paradise. Although they don't have mojitos in the strictest sense, they have tons of rum-based cocktails that are seriously legit!


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Sangria 🥂:

Terrasses Bonsecours

via @terrassesbonsecours

364 de la Commune St E

One of the best places in the whole city to enjoy some mindblowing sangria, Terrasses Bonsecours knows how to bring the good vibes - and then some!


Terrasse Sur L'Auberge

via @estellepiche13

97 de la Commune St E

Overlooking a beautiful view of Montreal, this super chill, fun spot is the perfect place to enjoy some seriously tasty sangria!


Vices Et Versa

via @lisa.tee

6631 St Laurent Blvd

Located near Little Italy, this bar is fun and chill, and is known for serving up some of the tastiest drinks around. Bonus points for their gorgeous outdoor terrasse, too!



via @sharma1303

1603 Ontario St E

This Ville-Marie spot honestly has one of the best terrasses in the whole entire city... plus, their sangrias, which are often super unique and delicious, are to die for as well!


Terrasse Nelligan

via @emalyciubotaru

106 Saint-Paul St W

Overlooking the city and promising some seriously chill vibes, this is one rooftop terrasse you absolutely have to get yourself to. And once you're there, indluge in a pitcher (or two) of their delicious sangria!


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