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With school right around the corner, it's about time that you and your BFF share some stories over a well-deserved relaxing day. Montreal is home to a variety of relaxing activities that you and your BFF can participate in for under $50! Because relaxation should never come at a high price!

So, I think that it's time for you and your BFF to have a stress-free relaxing BFF date! I suggest choosing maybe one or a few things from this list to create your ideal relaxing day in Montreal before the exams and cramming begins!

1. Sit back and relax at Bota Bota for a spa day

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Price: $45 each

Ah yes, the perfect way to relax with your BFF is by treating yourselves to a spa day. Personally, I recommend Bota Bota since it is only $45 before 11 am and after 6pm for their water circuit. Not only do you relax, but you also get to see Montreal from a whole other angle with the stunning views you recieve at the spa.

2. Sit back and relax at Enso for hot yoga

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Price: $15-30 each

Another way to sit back and relax with your BFF is by doing some yoga. Yoga is a great way to relax and release stress. I suggest going to one of Montreal’s many yoga studios. By personal favorite is hot yoga at Ensō where you sweat your stress away!

3. Sit back and relax at the Botanical Garden Lights Show

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Price: $30-40

For a beautiful night out and relaxing time with your BFF, I suggest going to the lights festival at the Botanical garden. It is absolutely stunning and I honestly had an amazing time. It is very peaceful and beautiful so you and your BFF can really just sit back and enjoy the beauty.


4. Sit back and relax at Indigo for reading

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This is completely free but if you want you can pick up a pocket book for about $5 if you don't bring your own! It may sound weird, but reading in a bookstore is very peaceful and a great way to spend the day with your BFF.

5. Sit back and relax at the Floating Boat Café

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The Canal near Atwater Avenue


Canal Lounge Cafe Flottant is drop dead gorgeous! You and your BFF can enjoy a relaxing time on the water over some cute little snacks and small talk as you watch the sunset. This is a great way to catch up and sit back.


6. Sit back and relax at Rouge Nail Bar for mani pedis

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Price: $40-60 each

Honestly who hasn’t treated themselves to a Mani Pedi with their BFF? I suggest heading to Rouge Nail Bar on Crescent for a relaxing time. They have a beautiful stress free environment and it's a great place to talk while getting some nice foot massages with your BFF!

7. Sit back and relax at the Gryphon D’Or for high tea

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For you and your BFF to really to really relax and enjoy a nice day, I suggest looking into Gryphon D’Or on Monkland for a high tea. They offer high-quality tea and great little finger foods for you and your BFF to relax over. Not only will you relax but you will also enjoy a nice day out.

8. Sit back and relax at Mount Royal

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It's always free to sit back and appreciate mother nature from the top of Mount Royal! It is stunning and very relaxing to just sit and talk with your BFF without anything or anyone else.

9. Sit back and relax at Spa Victoria for a facial

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Price: $39 each (value $155 before Groupon)

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