15 Of The Best 'All-You-Can-Eat' Restaurants In Montreal

Tacos, poutine, sushi, and more!
15 Of The Best 'All-You-Can-Eat' Restaurants In Montreal

Alright, guys, eating at restaurants is probably one of the most amazing things you can experience in life.

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I mean, sure, finding true love is great, and advancing in your career is awesome, but I don't think there's a thrill out there quite like seeing a waiter approach with a plate of delicious food that's all. For. You.

Which is why all you can eat restaurants in Montreal are so awesome. There's legit all the food you can possibly stuff your face with; and although tons of spots are a little bit much on the budget, a select few places offer their menus for $30 or under.

Eat all the Portuguese chicken at Poulet 3 Pattes for under $30

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3224 Boulevard Rosemont

For $15, you can enjoy all you can eat Portuguese chicken plus fries. Sound amazing? That's because it is!


Eat all the poutine at Poutineville for under $30

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1365 Rue Ontario E

Poutine lovers, rejoice. Montreal's Poutineville restaurant offers all you can eat poutine every Tuesday after 5:00 PM.


Eat all the vegan sushi at Yuan Vegetarien for under $30

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2115 Rue Saint-Denis

Sure, AYCE sushi is awesome, but vegan all you can eat sushi is even better. Find all the vegan sushi you can stomach at this Plateau vegetarian restaurant.


Eat all the tacos at M Burrito for under $30

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921 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

All you can eat tacos? Yes, friends. You've read that right.


Eat all the sushi at Takumi for under $30

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405 Rue Sherbrooke E

All you can eat sushi in Montreal is straight-up bae, friends, and this Plateau restaurant happens to offer all the sushi you can much on for under or just at $30 (depending on when you go).


Eat all the chicken wings at Gras Dur for under $30

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1660 Rue Jarry E

$30 for all the chicken wings you can manage? Yasss.


Eat all the tartare at Bistro L'Aromate for under $30

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980 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

L'Aromate offers $27 AYCE tasting plates for tartare every Tuesday. Which means, if you're a tartare fan, prepare to have your whole life changed.


Eat all the butter chicken at Sahib for under $30

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25B Hymus Blvd

During lunchtime and and on weekends, this West Island Indian restaurant offers a buffet that's legit unbeatable. Although all the food is super tasty, their butter chicken legit cannot be beat.


Eat all the Brazilian meats at Rodizio Brasil for under $30

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160 Rue Notre-Dame E

True talk, the prospect of stuffing your face with as much meat as you can handle sounds amazing. And if that's your cup of tea, then good news: this Brazilian restaurant specializes in just that, and during lunchtime, the prices are unbeatable.


Eat all the Korean food at Tianxia for under $30

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2065 Rue Bishop

Alright, not going to lie, Korean BBQ is life. And this cozy, adorable restaurant near Concordia University happens to specialize in Korean BBQ, meaning you can enjoy all the tasty, marinated meats you can handle.


Eat all the fish n' chips at McKibbins for under $30

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1426 Rue Bishop

Mondays at the McKibbin's on Bishop, you can get literally all the fish and chips you can stomach (which is a whole lot of fish and chips, let's be honest) for under or at $30.


Eat all the mussles at Brasserie Saint-Denis for under $30

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4350 Rue Saint-Denis

If mussles are the name of your game, then have I got some awesome news for you. This brasserie in Montreal's Plateau has AYCE mussels on Tuesdays, so slurp TF up, friends.


Eat all the Mexican food at Mezkal for under $30

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5834 Av du Parc

Technically, this isn't an all-you-can-eat spot... but it's actually pretty close. Every single food item on the menu here is $5, which means that you can get yourself a feast for super cheap.


Eat all the food at Warehouse for under $30

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1446 Rue Crescent

Again, this isn't exactly an all-you-can eat. But the $5 menu here is highkey amazing; you've got burgers, poutines, salads, pierogies, and basically anything you could possibly want.


Eat all the brunch at Gras Dur for under $30

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1660 Rue Jarry E

All you can eat traditional brunch for $25 sounds pretty awesome. What sounds even better, though, is their champagne special - for $6 more, you get champagne included.

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