15 Of The Most In-Demand Jobs In Canada For 2023, According To Randstad

Many of the roles pay well with little formal training.

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​A winter view of the Montreal skyline.

A winter view of the Montreal skyline.

The job market in Canada has remained in flux since the onset of the pandemic, with many companies adjusting their hiring practices due to economic insecurity and a labour shortage. Fortunately, the outlook is bright for first-time job seekers and those looking to shift careers.

An annual ranking of the most in-demand jobs nationwide by Randstad shows there are lots of positions that can offer "security and stability in uncertain times."

According to Randstad business analysts, who looked at customer data and the kinds of roles posted over the past year, jobs in technology, healthcare and professional services will see the most growth in 2023, including a number of roles that require little formal training but offer solid compensation.

"It’s interesting to see that a degree isn’t the only path to steady employment and a secure income," said Executive Vice President of Central Region at Randstad Canada, Nick Montesano.

Changing consumer habits due to COVID-19 have led companies to invest in e-commerce. That means jobs in digital marketing and customer service are seeing a boon, along with those linked to supply chain facilitation.

"With the vast increase in demand for online deliveries, reduced delivery cycle, never-before competitive market, and ever-increasing customer demand, we also see a strong need for supply chain positions such as Production Supervisors, Warehouse Workers and Drivers," added Montesano.

Here are Randstad's top 15 most in-demand jobs for 2023:


As many companies pivot to more online commerce, tech talent is vital to build digital platforms, from web-based to software development.

Salary range: 68K to 155K

HR Manager

HR managers are needed to help companies navigate increasing budget constraints and changing work environments, including remote and hybrid models.

Salary range: 75K to 156K

​Mechanical Engineer

An emphasis on renewable energy in recent years means more jobs are opening up for mechanical engineers, including in the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and biomedical fields.

Salary range: 66K to 131K


Blue-collar workers are in high demand across the country as an older skilled workforce retires. "Since the 1970s, high schools did not encourage skilled trades as a career path, resulting in decades of shortages of skilled young people in this sector," explained Montesano.

Salary range: 40K to 74K

​Accounting Technician/Bookkeeper

Accounting is so in demand in the country that it's part of the Canadian immigration Express Entry System.

Salary range: 61K to 114K

​Registered Nurse

A huge registered nurse shortage has hospitals and private practices scrambling to fill open positions.

Salary range: 68K to 94K

​Warehouse Worker

There are lots of opportunities opening up for unskilled labour related to moving goods, such warehouse workers, and some are willing to pay up to 70K a year for employees without a degree.

Salary range: $17 to $29/hour

​Customer Service Representative

People who are comfortable working from home to provide personalised customer service and who are good with tech (especially CRM systems) will have their pick of roles.

Salary range: 43K to 74K


Another crucial role in supply chain and getting goods to where they need to go is seeing a widespread labour shortage, making trucker and driver jobs more in-demand than ever.

Salary range: 42K to 65K

​Sales Associate

When stores closed during the pandemic, many sales associates moved to other roles. Now companies have reopened and are looking to refill those roles.

Salary range: 46K to 84K

​Administrative Assistant

Office management and ensuring companies have smooth workflow at every level remain essential roles, so administrative assistant positions won't be drying up any time soon.

Salary range: 47K to 99K

​Business Analyst

A major shift to online sales for most companies means a lot more digitally-based data to sift through and use to develop growth strategies.

Salary range: 62K to 142K

​Production Supervisor

More companies are hiring production supervisors to manage deliveries for online orders while reducing margins amid ever-increasing customer demand.

Salary range: 53K to 114K

​Digital Marketing Coordinator

A move to e-commerce in the past few years has most businesses pivoting to improve their online presence. Digital marketing coordinators will be highly sought after to manage all kinds of major projects.

Salary range: 62K to 122K

​Construction Project Manager

The construction sector is hiring to keep up with a housing boom across Canada. Managers will remain in-demand to make sure those ongoing projects run smoothly.

Salary range: 61K to 150K

Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
Sofia Misenheimer is an Associate Editor for MTL Blog focused on gas prices in Montreal and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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