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15 Parks That Will Make You Fall In Love With Montreal

Magical green spaces in the city.
15 Parks That Will Make You Fall In Love With Montreal

Montreal is one of the busiest and bustling cities in all of Canada. There's always a new festival to attend, a cool restaurant that popped up or a terrasse that you need to drink on with your friends. All of these things are what make Montreal such an amazing city to live in. 

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But occassionally the bustling city life gets to be a little overwhelming. And while we all wish we could jet off to an oasis far away, that's not always feasible. What we can do though is find an oasis inside the city of Montreal that will make us feel like we're not in the city anymore. 

That's where Montreal's amazing parks come in. Montreal is home to over 100 parks, which is kind of amazing. You have tons of options for when you want to escape into a green oasis. This list has 15 of the best parks in Montreal, that will make you fall in love with everything this city has to offer! 

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15. Westmount Park 

via @fred_hebert

329, 327 Avenue Melville

This park is right in the heart of Westmont, one of Montreal's cutest areas. It has a giant pond filled with ducks, flowering trees and walking paths! It's a truly magical place to spend a sunny afternoon in.

14. La Fontaine Park

via @aridailopeznoriega

1619 QC-138, Montréal

This mile end park is the perfect getaway from the city. It's a large park with bike and running trails throughout, with a giant pond in the middle. They have lounging chairs and benches to enjoy a coffee and a nice book and just relax.

13. Rapids Park 

via @jadventure

Lasalle, QC

Rapids park is located right beside the Lachine Rapids in Lasalle. It's a little far out from the downtown core but totally worth the trip. You can go white water rafting in the rapids, walk the or bike the paths or pack a picnik to enjoy in the grass.

12. Angrignon Park

via @foodandjewels

3400 Trinitaires Blvd

Another beautiful park in Montreal with a cute pond featured in the heart. They have lounge chairs to sit and enjoy a good book or relax after a run on the winding paths. It has enchanting willow trees and tons of wildlife to watch!

11. Mont-Royal Park 

via @nekson

Beaver Lake

I'm sure almost everyone reading this article knows about the amazing Mont-Royal, but some of you may not there's a lake on top of this mountain as well. It's called Beaver Lake and it's perfect for summer lounging. You can go paddle-boating on the lake or lay out on your beach towels on the grass near-by!

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10. Outrement Park 

via @claireisleaving

St. Viateur & Avenue Outremont

Located in the one of Montreal's best areas, the Mile End, this park has everything you're looking for. It has a gorgeous pond with a giant fountain in the center, tons of green space that you can have a picnik on or even play some soccer!

9. Cap-Sainte-Jaques Nature Park

via @flora_bn

Montreal, QC

One of Montreal's best hidden parks, Cap-Sainte-Jacques has a whole lot to offer. There's a beach, a peninsula and tons of green space! Although, it's all the way in the West Islands it's totally worth the trek out there.

8. Bois-de-Ile-Bizard Nature Park 

via @stefmarini

2115 Chemin du Bord-du-Lac

Located on Ile-Bizard, this nature park is worth the trip. It's totally peaceful and home to tons of wildlife to watch. It also has a long boardwalk so you can bike across the water, a small beach to lounge on and green spaces to enjoy a picnic with your friends!

7. Ahuntsic Park

via @dorianelab

10555 Rue Lajeunesse

Located in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville burrow of Montreal, this urban park is one you definitely want to add to your list. It's got a beautiful pond in the center with cobble stone paths to explore the entire park!

6. Bois-de-Liesse Nature Park

via @us14

3500 Rue Douglas B Floreani

This park is perfect for nature-lovers that want to explore without leaving the city. It's a diverse ecosystem with rich aquatic life, birds and you can even spot some foxes if you're lucky!

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5. Jarry Park

via @jplgnd

St Laurent Blvd

Jarry Park is one of the largest parks in the heart of downtown Montreal. It's a green oasis where you can escape from the hectic city life for a few hours. Hang out by the giant pond in the center of the park with a refreshing fountain!

4. Jeanne-Mance Park 

via @emilielevesque3

4422 Esplanade Ave

Located right across the street from Montreal's Mont-Royal this park is the best place to hang out on a casual Sunday with your friends. Bring a couple beers and some snacks and have a picnik or bring a baseball and some bats and play at the baseball diamond!

3. Pelican Park 

via @gabbychat

2535 Place Pierre-Falardeau

This is one of the best parks located in Montreal's Rosemont burrow. There's a public pool and tons of open grass space perfect for picnics in the park with your BFFs. There's also been news that sheep are coming to graze in this park in July!

2. Parc de la Cite

via @ryrrp

6201 Boulevard Davis

This park is located right across the water from the downtown core in Longeuil. So you'll get the best views of the cityscape from here. They also have bikes you can rent, water slides, and picnik areas!

1. Maisonneuve Park

via @gino_thetravellingdoggy

4601 Rue Sherbrooke Street East

Right beside the Olympic park, Maisonneuve park is perfect for picniks. With tons of green grassy space and picnic tables everywhere you've got to explore this place if you haven't yet.

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