15 Pictures Of Montreal's 2015 Ice Storm That Will Make You Glad It's Over

For a while there, all of us we're thinking "oh, we got lucky this winter, I think it's gonna be a mild one." Then, bam, yesterday happened, better known as the Montreal Ice Storm of 2015, and we all remembered how winter gets turnt up in January and makes life awful 'til March. The only silver lining is that at least the rest of winter won't be like yesterday (we hope) and we have the visual evidence to prove it.

Sheet after sheet of ice was plastered all over Montreal throughout the course of the storm, and we're still reeling from the slippery effects (raise your hand if you fell on the sidewalk) today. Even though the whole icey maelstrom was awful, and left many of us without power, there is some beauty to be found in the whole situation, because ice may be slippery, but it sure is pretty.

Montreal's 2015 Ice Storm may was awful, but at least we got some pretty pics out of it, not to mention some hilariously alarming shots of giant branches mucking up the streets. Take a look below and appreciate the pictures that only come once-in-an-ice storm...thank the lord.

Photo cred - @simonsayzfood

Photo cred - @madorejadore

Photo cred - thinkcritical

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