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15 Pictures Of The Montreal No Pants Flashmob On The STM Metro

No pants in winter is a beautiful thing.

Photo cred - Sébastien Lozé & Ronielle Buduhan

What began as a joke has become a beautifully pants-less reality in Montreal: The No Pants Subway Ride. Casting off leggings, jeans, and any form of pants whatsoever, brave Montrealers rocked the STM in their undies, for everyone to enjoy.

Montreal is one of the many cities around the world to jump on the underwear bandwagon, with over 60 cities joining the no-pants movement which began in New York in 2002. There's really not much to it, just get down to your skivvies and ride the metro. So simple, so funny, and best of all, no pants. Lookin' good Montreal.

Kudos to all the brave Montreal men who faced the winter cold without pants. Shrinkage was in full effect, I'm sure.

Would you join next year?

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