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15 Places In Montreal Where You Can Catch Rare Pokémon

Helping you and your friends to catch 'em all!
15 Places In Montreal Where You Can Catch Rare Pokémon

The great Pokemon hunt is underway in Canada but unfortunately some Pokemon trainers aren't so lucky.

That's because sometimes you find yourself in an area where there just aren't that many to find. Which means some trainers basically get stuck finding the same Pokémon over and over again.

So whether that's your current situation or you simply want to expand your current collection, we figured we'd help you on your quest.

Many people have already caught rare Pokémon all around Montreal, so we decided to let you know the best spots to catch them.

Ratatat at La Diperie

Krabby at Macallans Dorval

Onyx at Place Ville Marie

Hitmonlee at Concordia

Dragonite at Saint-Joseph Oratory

Photo cred - Pokemon GO: Montreal

JigglyPuff  at Iberville and Rachel

Pikachu at Place Versailles

Photo cred - Pokemon GO: Montreal

Dratini at Old Port Of Montreal

Seel at Plateau Mont-Royal

Vulpix at Henry Daoust in the West Island

Gastly at St-Charles

Golbat at Gare Dorval

Photo cred - RavveDavve

Electabuzz at Concordia EV Building

Machoke in Sutton

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