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15 Quebec Francophone Musicians And Bands That English-Speakers Need To Know About

Add these artists to your summer playlists, Anglos!
15 Quebec Francophone Musicians And Bands That English-Speakers Need To Know About

Ah, la musique francophone est incroyable! Anglos sometimes need to get out of their bubble and listen to the music around them I think. So many people are turned off by Francophone music because they're used to hearing "les chansons" or Celine. There's more than that, my Anglos! 

I know so many Anglo Quebecois that haven't listened to any Francophone Quebecois music and honestly, that's tragic. We live in one of the most musically diverse and exciting places in Canada, so why are we limiting ourselves to one language? 

Même si you can't speak les deux langues in Quebec, you can definitely appreciate the music. For me, music has no language! If Francophones can jam out to Ariana Grande, us Anglophones can just as easily rock out to Jean Leloup (who isn't on this list, but check him out if you haven't!).

Below are 15 artists that Anglos should definitely check out! Below each artist, I've included a song suggestion and a link to their official website.

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TL;DR  MTL Blog brings you a list of the 15 best Francophone Quebecois musicians and bands that Anglos need to know about!

Alaclair Ensemble 

A Montreal and Quebec City-based hip-hop collective with strong rhymes and wicked hooks.

Genre: Hip-Hop

Listen to: Ça que c'tait

Check them out here!

Choses Sauvages

Montreal-based dance-pop that's super nostalgic, yet ultra-modern.

Genre: Dance-Pop

Listen to: Nuages

Check them out here!

Eli Rose

Eli Rose has been in the Montreal music scene for the past 10 years, crafting a perfect blend between angelic vocals and contagious beats.

Genre: Electro-pop

Listen to: Tôt ou tard

Check her out here!

Alex Nevsky

Granby's proudest export, Alex Nevsky, crafts infectious melodies with a contemporary pop vibe. He won "Album of the Year – Pop" at the Gala de l'ADISQ in 2014.

Genre: Pop

Listen to: Le coeur assez gros

Check him out here!

Dead Obies

Dead Obies are an example of how French and English can mix to make amazing hip-hop that's equal parts intense and heartfelt. The South Shore group just released their latest album: DEAD.

Genre: Experimental Hip-Hop

Listen to: Run Away

Check them out here!

La Fièvre 

La Fièvre is a synth-pop group from Montreal that combines elements of your darkest fever dreams with hypnotic rhythms to create music that is uniquely intense and beautiful.

Genre: Synth-Pop

Listen to: La chienne

Check them out here!

Peter Peter

Peter Peter's music is exactly what happens when you have a carefree night at the club while thinking about your hopeless romantic yearning.

Genre: Synth-Pop

Listen to: Noir éden

Check him out here!

Lydia Képinski

A self-described "enfant terrible" out of the Mile-End, Lydia Képinski has worked tirelessly over the past couple of years to deliver an energetic and brilliant debut album.

Genre: Pop

Listen to: Premier juin

Check them out here!

Charlotte Cardin

Charlotte Cardin skyrocketed to fame after being a finalist on La Voix in 2013. Last year, she received two Juno nominations. The Montreal-based songstress is an amazing blend of jazzy vocals and poppy hooks. She's bilingual, en plus!

Genre: Pop

Listen to: Les Échardes

Check her out here!

Xarah Dion

Xarah Dion has been around the Montreal music scene for a while now, providing us with haunting vocals over distinctive industrial techno beats.

Genre: EBM, Techno

Listen to: Fugitive

Check her out here!

Safia Nolin  

Safia Nolin is a folk singer out of Quebec City. She arrived in the popular culture consciousness after a collaboration with Patrick Watson in 2018.

Genre: Folk

Listen to: Dagues

Check them out here!

Coeur de Pirate

Béatrice Martinis better known as Coeur de Pirate. She's perhaps one of the most well-known artists on this list. As a classically trained pianist with hauntingly beautiful vocals, Coeur de Pirate is credited for bringing Quebecois Francophone music into the mainstream.

Genre: Pop

Listen to: Prémonition

Check her out here!

Arianne Moffatt

Arianne Moffatt, from Quebec City, is a multi-talented singer that is undefinable by any genre standards. She sings in both French and English, layering beautiful vocal hooks and incredible musical arrangements into one awesome package.

Genre: Pop

Listen to: Pour toi

Check her out here!


FouKi is a hip-hop artist out of the Plateau that creates intricate trap beats with playful tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

Genre: Hip-Hop

Listen to: Positif

Check him out here!


Dumas is one of the most prolific artists in the Quebec music scene. Since 2003, the Montreal-based musician has released 11 albums, each with his own unique twist on indie pop and rock.

Genre: Pop

Listen to: À l'est d'Éden

Check him out here!

Be sure to add these artists toyour summer playlist!


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