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Why Cats Are 100% Better Than Dogs

15 realistic reasons so listen up meow!
Why Cats Are 100% Better Than Dogs

Cats are cute little things.

They are adorable in every single way. We absolutely love when they are kittens and also when they are grown-ups. We can't stop loving them.

It's official, cats are man's best friend. Dogs have lost the battle over people's hearts. Not because they are not loving animals -- because they are. Dogs are just not as cool as cats.

Our feline friends have conquered the world. They are everywhere -- in our houses, clothes, social media and specially in our hearts.

Cats Don't Smell

How perfect is the fact that cats bathe themselves everyday? Their hygiene is remarkable. Cats spend hours bathing and cleaning every trace of smell and dirt they might have. The same doesn't happen to dogs. Have you ever heard people saying, "It smells like dog in here!" Yep. That's what happens if you don't give your dog a bath. Cats are incredibly finicky about their cleanliness, and spend large portions of their days washing themselves and getting their fur just so. Dogs on the other hand, heartily enjoy disgusting stinky messes, and will often make a beeline for the nearest puddle, pile of fox pooh or reeking, decaying carcass, and take great delight in rolling around in it, against the wishes of their owners.

Cat's Don't Need To Be Walked

You're late for work but need to walk your dog before leaving. Every morning is the same, right? Or maybe you're not late for work because you wake up one hour earlier just to walk your dog. The same doesn't happen to cats, they don't need to be walked. In fact, they are completely capable of going out alone and finding the way back home. (Note: If you let your cat go outside, be sure he has all the vaccines needed.)

Cats Don't Need To Be Potty Trained

You know the struggle you have with your puppy when you need to potty train him? That's only for dogs. Kittens figure out for themselves where they have to go to do their business. You will never see a cat pooping or peeing outside the litter box -- ever. However, when you have dogs you may find an unpleasant surprise when getting home.

Cats Are Not Loud

The door ring bell sounds, your dog barks. Your neighbour is walking his dog, your dog barks. A stranger comes to your place, your dog barks. (Or jumps up on people, if he's too friendly.) Dogs are always loud. Not cats. Cats are classy creatures. They meow when they're hungry and they make cute low sounds when they're playing and showing affection -- the adorable purr. You will never have to tell your cat to stop jumping up on people or stop meowing too loud. (In fact your guests may never see your cat.)

Cats Don't Need To Be Supervised

When you have a cat you don't need to hurry back home because of him. Cats are very independent and they do just fine when left alone. When you have a dog you're always in a hurry to go back home. The dog needs to be walked, feed and taken care of. When you have a cat all you have to do is leave him food and water, that's it. Cats love their humans and are always happy once they're back home. Cats choose to love their humans, but they are not needy.

Earning A Cat’s Respect Is A Significant Achievement

Dogs are on the whole easily pleased, and a kind word or even better, a tasty treat will soon earn you a friend for life. Cats, on the other hand, are much more discerning about who they give their affection to, and you have to work to earn and retain the love and respect of a cat. There are few feelings more rewarding than knowing that a cat has chosen you to be their favourite person, and once you have won their love, cats are just as loyal and demonstrative as dogs; but only for their special person, and not for everyone that they meet in the street.

Cats Are Funnier Than Dogs

When you have a cat you can spend hours just watching him play, sleep in weird positions, run around the house and fall -- a lot. Cats like to climb and jump all the time. If you have a laser pointer, it's entertainment guaranteed. Dogs are also funny, but not that much. If you put a dog and a cat together, you will have a lot more fun with the cat's behaviour.

Cats Don't Destroy Their Toys

Cats take good care of their toys. They don't destroy them, they actually play with them. They enjoy their cat towers and scratching posts. They value their belongings. When you have a dog you know he will destroy the new toy and his new bed very, very soon. Dogs use their mouths to play, so they chew almost everything. Cats use their paws, that's why they are way more careful with their toys. (And with our things, too.)

Cats Keep The House Free Of Insects

Cats are born hunters. Their hunting instincts are not dulled even if they are domesticated. When you have a cat, your house is completely free of insects -- they kill each and every one of them. Dogs don't do the same. They absolutely don't care when they see an insect in front of them -- they're more interested in smelling it. Besides being clean creatures, cats also keep your house clean. (At least of insects.)

Cats Like Bringing Gifts To Their Humans

When a cat truly loves you, he will start bringing you gifts. Their gifts might be something completely disgusting -- like a dead animal or an insect, for example. Keep in mind he's doing it to show you his appreciation and love. If your cat doesn't go outside, he might as well bring you gifts -- his favourite toys, for example. Dogs don't do the same. If they bring you something, it's because they want you to throw it and play with him.

Cats Don't Need Large Spaces

You don't need to own or rent a huge house or apartment to have a cat. Cats don't need large spaces to live well and happy whereas dogs need space to run and feel comfortable. If you give your cat a box or a paper bag, he will be the happiest cat in the world. If you have a big dog, you better have a big house -- front yard and everything. If you have a cat you can be happy anywhere.

Cats Feel Pleasure In Grooming And Being Groomed

Most cats love to be brushed or combed by their favorite humans. It must feel as relaxing as it feels to us to go to a spa for a shampoo and scalp massage, then visit the sauna, and enjoy a massage. The contented rumble of their purrs is evidence enough. They also enjoy some self-grooming every time they bathe. This is how much they love it. Dogs don't do the same and don't like being groomed as much as cats. Grooming your dog can be a nightmare sometimes.

Cats Knead On Their Humans

Have you ever saw a cat exercising his paws on their human's stomach? That's what kneading is, a true sign of affection from your cat. This behavior is known as kneading because the back and forth motion of your cat’s front paws resembles the back and forth motion we use to knead bread. Besides bringing gifts, cats also massage their humans to show affection. How cute is that? Dogs don't massage their humans or bring gifts.

Cats Can Easily Sleep With You

Because cats are smaller, they can easily fit in your bed with you. You don't need to change your sleeping position because of him. (Only if he's sleeping on your chest -- or head.) Besides, cats don't smell -- so your sheets won't smell bad in the morning. However, sleeping with a dog might be a problem -- specially if it's a big one. There's not enough room in the bed for the dog and you better know you will have to change the sheets every morning. Oh! Some dogs snore. Just saying.

Cats Are Cheaper To Own

Although the companionship of an animal is priceless, their upkeep costs money, and too many people get involved with pets before realizing they can't actually afford to take proper care of one. If you compare spaying, neutering, routine health care, setting up your home, food and the poop question you will see that dogs are way more expensive than cats. When it comes to loving an animal, no price is too high -- if you can afford it.

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