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15 Reasons Why Everyone Should Marry A Montrealer

Love is in the air!
15 Reasons Why Everyone Should Marry A Montrealer

Montreal is 514% one of a kind and so are the people! Not only are we full of diversity, but we are also true romantics at heart. Once you start to date a Montrealer you won't ever want to stop! 

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We Montrealer's make for great boyfriends and girlfriends, but we make for even BETTER husbands and wives. Marrying a Montreal is probably the best choice you'll ever make because they will introduce you to so many new things! So, let's see ALL the reasons why your next love bug should be from MTL.

6. They Play Hockey And Will Teach You How To Skate

1. They Will Introduce You To Poutines

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Nothing says I love you more than fries, gravy, and melted cheese!

2. They Will Take You To A Rooftop Terrasse

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What is more romantic than a rooftop terrasse? Montreal is FULL of rooftop terrasses!

3. They Are Full Of Diversity

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Montrealer's are filled to the rim with diversity, so you can expect a Montreal to know a lot about other cultures than you can explore.

4. They Can Speak Two Languages

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What's hotter than a person who speaks tow language, and one of them is the language of LOVE!

5. They Have A Great Style

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Both Montreal men and women are known for their slaying style that is both casual and fancy when needed.

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Whether you love hockey or not, most Montrealer's LOVE IT and to show it they will even teach you how to skate.

7. They Will Take You To Unique Restaurants 

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Montreal is popping with unique restaurants that have the craziest dishes and desserts. So, if you marry on you can expect to become an Instagram foodie in no time.

8. They Will Bring You To Festivals

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Montreal has a variety of festivals and everyone from Montreal is an avid festival-goer so they will drag you along with them.

9. They Will Teach You To Avoid Potholes

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Montrealer's have become expert drivers and will show you how to work the dreaded streets in the city.

10.  They Will Introduce You To Smoked Meat Sandwiches 

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What's better than a smoked meat sandwich? A smoked meat sandwich that you can share with the love of your life!

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11. They Will Take You To A Habs Game

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This is a must date for all Montreal couples.

12. They Will Buy You A Bagel Every Morning 

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You won't ever have to worry about breakfast again because Montreal bagels will become your life thanks to that special Montrealer in your life.

13. They Will Teach You How To Avoid Traffic Because Of Construction

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If you are new to Montreal and always stuck in traffic thanks to detours, a Montrealer will show you the ropes and all the secret streets!

14. You'll BIXI Everywhere together

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When traffic gets too crazy but you don't have any means of transportation, your special Montrealer will show you the world of biking!

15. They Will Teach You To Love Winter

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Even though you may hate the cold, a true Montrealer will show you how to love it just as much as you love them!

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