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15 Reasons Why Switzerland Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot In 2017

The Swiss Alps... Need I say more?
15 Reasons Why Switzerland Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot In 2017

There are beautiful places to visit all across the globe, but I can honestly say that Switzerland is by far in the top 5. I visited Switzerland two years ago and it truly is stunning! It was 100% my favorite country in Europe (sorry nonna and oma) and it is a must that you visit it also!

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So, to give you a little taste of Switzerland, I have created a list of ALL the reasons why you should go! From the beautiful cities of Interlaken, Zurich, Geneva, and many more, I can guarantee that you will want to pack up all your things and move there! Just imagine waking up every morning to a view of the Swiss Alps?!


1. Visit Switzerland For Skiing

Great ski days with belgian friends #verbier #verbier4vallees #montgelé #montfort #swissskiing

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Finally I am here in Saas-Fee, Switzerland!!🇨🇭 . . . #switzerland #swiss #saasfee #skiing #ski #myerasmus #erasmuslife #swissskiing #스위스 #스위스스키 #스키 #교환학생

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The Nebelmeer. When weather gets unfair. #nebelmeer #swissskiing #grindelwald

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2. Visit Switzerland For Picnics In The Mountains

Swiss Alps, Jungfrau Region Pic by @sennarelax #lastsecond #lastsecondtours #wonderful #wonderfulplaces #bestplacestogo #bestplaces #beautiful #bestplacestogo #لست_سکند

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Hiking the Swiss Alps

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3. Visit Switzerland For Paragliding

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5. Visit Switzerland For Their Stunning Architecture

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via @swiss_architecture_

7. Visit Switzerland For The Rhine Falls

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9. Visit Switzerland For The Swiss Alps

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10. Visit Switzerland For Natural Beauty And Relaxation

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12. Visit Switzerland For Their Vineyards

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13. Visit Switzerland For Chocolate

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15. Visit Switzerland For Clear Waters

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