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15 Reasons You Should Never Ever Have A Cat As A Pet Ever Ever Ever

They're just the worst companions ever, TBH.
15 Reasons You Should Never Ever Have A Cat As A Pet Ever Ever Ever

Friends, if you know me at all, then you know I love animals. Cats included, of course.

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And if, for some reason, you're on the fence about whether or not you should get yourself a cat as a pet, I'm here to say... don't do it.

They're totally not some of the best companion animals you could ever have in your life or anything like that, after all...

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1. They're literally the worst pets. You can't even cuddle them or anything.

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2. Plus, straight-up, they're actually super not cute.

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3. And they basically have, like, 0 personality.

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4. They're legit the most dangerous animals.

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5. Plus, they're usually super boring to look at.

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6. You legit can't groom them.

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8. Or do any cool things to them in general, TBH.

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9. They're not cute when they're being dicks.

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10. Which is honestly all the time.

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11. There's no such thing as a unique looking cat. They're all the same.

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12. Cats don't get along with other cats.

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13. A cat is actually no fun to pet. At all.

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14. And they definitely don't get along with people.

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15. They're pretty much the worst companions you could pick, TBH.

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