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15 Restaurants In Downtown Montreal You Can Eat At For $5, $10, & $20

Montreal sure is known for its expensive restaurants that serve great dishes...BUT! Montreal also has AMAZING cheap restaurants where you can get a full meal for under $5, $10, and $20! This list contains great option for those broke university students like me or basically any Montrealer on a budget.

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Not only are these restaurants beautiful, but they also serve some healthy foods! So, you can take care of yourself even if you don't have all the money in the world. I also suggest going with some friends that way you can all enjoy great meals without breaking the bank.

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Eat A Meal For $5 At:

2. Mon Chicha

via @potchopotchoy

1396 Maisonneuve Blvd W

Mon Chicha specializes in stupendous Asian dishes that include squid balls and bao buns all for under $5. It is absolutely amazing and great for those Montrealer's on the the go Downtown!


3. Warehouse

via @allthingsmontreal

1446 Rue Crescent

Le Warehouse only serves meals of $5... Yes, you heard correctly! So, instead of spending an arm and a leg at an expensive restaurant with your BFF, you should just bring them here! Not only is it super cheap, but also amazing whether it be the ambiance or food!


4. Carlos & Pepes

via @lamarisse

1420 Peel

Sunday night is officially the best night in Montreal thanks to Carlos & Pepes, where you can get both tacos and beer for the incredibly low price... ONE DOLLAR!


5. Bagels on Greene

via @kamylangroudi

4160 Rue Ste-Catherine O

This awesome bagel spots sure does impress with it's fabulous creation at low prices! I mean common, it doesn't get much better than bagels in Westmount.


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Eat A Meal For $10 At...

1. Thali

via @rebexconnors

1409 Rue Saint-Marc

Situated near Concordia University for those students on a budget, Thali is an Indian restaurant than serves great food for $10!


2. Parma Cafe

via @acapp77

1202 Bishop St

This Italian food cafe in downtown Montreal has everything a broke Montrealer could ever dream of! From fresh paninis to hot or cold pizza, you can get a full meal for under $10!


3. Cafe Parvis

via @leokawai

433 Rue Mayor

This cafe is perfect for when you just want a naturally cute vibe. The cafe is adorable and absolutely perfect for a quiet time with plants around every corner. So, when you just need to get a nice breakfast without the rush and hurry of a regular brunch spot, this is the place for you!


4. LOV

via @mskelslevy

464 McGill St

LOV is a great location for a hip anniversary celebration! If you happen to be one of those vegan couples, then this restaurant is great on a casual day! They are an organic restaurant that places an emphasis on locally grown, wholesome ingredients, plus delicious vegan dishes for under $10!


5. Cafe Santropol

via @weetom71

3990 Rue Saint-Urbain

Have a "garden breakfast" from 8am-11pm at Cafe Santropol or a lunch for under $10! You can enjoy a light breakfast in their backyard garden that will absolutely blow your mind away!


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Eat A Meal For $20 At...

1. Koa Lua

via @ssssarah819

1446 Saint-Catherine St W / 1212 Union Ave

Koa Lua just screams VACATION! This restaurant is like a secret vacation spot for you and your date to chill and eat dinner! The ambiance is bright AF and perfect for a A1 night out at under $20 for poke bowls.


2. Qing Hua Dumplings

via @avid_mtl_foodie

1676 Lincoln Ave

Let's be honest, dumplings are absolutely delicious! At Qing Hua you can get a basked of steamed dumplings for $15 in Downtown Montreal. COUNT ME IN PLEASE!

3. Mandy's

via @maenein

2067 Crescent St

For under $20 you can treat yourselves to a decadent salad bowl from Mandy's! Their salads are always made fresh and it's a great healthy option at an affordable price in Downtown Montreal!


4. Venice MTL

via @sofym

40 St Francois Xavier St

Feel like you stepped right off the metro and into Venice beach with your date when you enter Venice MTL! Their food is fresh and delicious for a crazy affordable anniversary that neither of you will forget.


5. La Habanera

via @alifakekeke

1216 Union Ave

Alright, for a 514% lowkey night, you guys really need to check out this Cuban restaurant in downtown Montreal. The food is BOMB, the decor has a modern twist, and their drinks are pretty insane for a good price!


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